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Are you into dance music? Venues in Sacramento offer EDM full of fun. Nightlife in Sacramento can be casual, high-energy or somewhere in between. EDM venues vary from intimate sizes, laid back wine bars, and nightclubs. Expect the extraordinary – with an emphasis on “extra” – when you hit the upscale entertainment scene at the city’s most sophisticated EDM nightclubs and posh bars with bottle service in Sacramento.

EDM venues in Sacramento features a chic and bustling EDM venues, live performances, well set comfortable tables, stunning staff with warm service and glamorous space to relax, internationally renowned DJs, huge outdoor patio with stunning city view, live bands, spacious dance floors, privately you outdoor cabanas are also available for those seeking quality premiere adult nightclubs catering to all the exciting people who love a great experience and fun filled night out.

Harlow’s Sacramento

Harlow's Sacramento

Welcome to Harlow’s for your most memorable night out at Sacramento. Harlow’s is a live music venue located in Sacramento, United States. Harlow’s nightclub is renowned, consistently being voted as one of the top venues in the city. At Harlow’s you will have dinner with live bands, soul and rock and roll shows in a casual setting with VIP booths and a patio. The state of art sound system and lighting system in an acoustically mastered room guarantees a concert experience you won’t soon forget. Harlow’s nightclub offers VIP seating and bottle service in their custom made room, raised booths for those groups who want a bit of privacy while maintaining an excellent view of the show.

Mango’s Sacramento

Mango's Sacramento

Sacramento nightlife can be summed up in one word – Mangoes. Mango’s Sacramento is a full blown Latin Nightclub and lounge situated in Sacramento, United States. It’s an upscale nightclub and bar offering multiple rooms plus a patio, with DJs spinning varied music. Since 2012 Mango’s nightclub has been a place to go for a Latin style electrifying experience.

Social Nightclub Sacramento

Social Nightclub Sacramento

Whether you are looking for some of the top DJs from around the world, a dance floor that gets you wild all night, or multiple bars to meet new people, social has a setup you will love. Social Nightclub is located in Sacramento, United States, occupying a 2nd floor space on the Kay in downtown Sacramento. It’s a chic, bustling nightspot with Hip-Hop performances, VIP services and a small patio.

Midtown Barfly Sacramento

Midtown Barfly Sacramento

Midtown Barfly has thankfully filled a void, especially for those seeking certain types of music you wouldn’t usually find elsewhere. Midtown Barfly is located in Sacramento, United States. It features Salsa, Goth, and swing nights offering a neon-lit dance floor.  Midtown Barfly demonstrates spectacular Event- music range. They play a variety of industrial music, EBM, 80’s, and more. The venue has two areas, one for salsa dancing and one for Bachata dancing during Wednesdays and Fridays. The instructors are amazing and they have a great time getting to know people and dance.


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