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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Sacramento

1. Badlands Sacramento

Badlands Sacramento

Badlands is the place to be on your night out at Sacramento for utmost fun while sipping great drinks. Badlands is a gay nightclub located in Sacramento, United States.

2. Asylum Sacramento

Asylum Sacramento

Asylum is definitely your end of search for a place to be on your night out at Sacramento. Asylum is a dance club and nightclub opened in 1994 and has been Sacramento’s “dirty little secret” located in El Camino Ave, Sacramento, United States. It’s an 18+ years old goth club with two full bars, multiple rooms with different music, outside smoking patio, and the largest state of art sound system in the area.

3. Factor IX Sacramento

Factor IX Sacramento

This is the place you go to if you want to dress up or not dress up, show off or hide out, socialize and or escape, all under a great sound system that drives the dance floor into a frenzy. Factor Club is a nightclub located in Sacramento, United States. Drink specials every night, awesome atmosphere, great DJs, friendly and polite staff, and spacious dance floor.

4. Harlow’s Sacramento

Harlow's Sacramento

Welcome to Harlow’s for your most memorable night out at Sacramento. Harlow’s is a live music venue located in Sacramento, United States. Harlow’s nightclub is renowned, consistently being voted as one of the top venues in the city. At Harlow’s you will have dinner with live bands, soul and rock and roll shows in a casual setting with VIP booths and a patio. The state of art sound system and lighting system in an acoustically mastered room guarantees a concert experience you won’t soon forget. Harlow’s nightclub offers VIP seating and bottle service in their custom made room, raised booths for those groups who want a bit of privacy while maintaining an excellent view of the show.

5. Mango’s Sacramento

Mango's Sacramento

Sacramento nightlife can be summed up in one word – Mangoes. Mango’s Sacramento is a full blown Latin Nightclub and lounge situated in Sacramento, United States. It’s an upscale nightclub and bar offering multiple rooms plus a patio, with DJs spinning varied music. Since 2012 Mango’s nightclub has been a place to go for a Latin style electrifying experience.

6. MiX Downtown Sacramento

MiX Downtown Sacramento

Are you in search of an amazing night out at Sacramento the Mix downtown nightclub is the place to go. Mix Downtown is a nightclub in Sacramento, United States. The club was born in 1920, and it’s chic lounge that offers a dance floor, small plates, and cocktails.

7. The Park Ultra Lounge Sacramento

The Park Ultra Lounge Sacramento

Be at The Park Ultra Lounge for a night worth of memories. The Park Ultra Lounge is a cocktail bar located in Sacramento, United States. It’s a trendy nightspot offering an array of dance music, DJs and an outdoor area with a fireplace.

8. Social Nightclub Sacramento

Social Nightclub Sacramento

Whether you are looking for some of the top DJs from around the world, a dance floor that gets you wild all night, or multiple bars to meet new people, social has a setup you will love. Social Nightclub is located in Sacramento, United States, occupying a 2nd floor space on the Kay in downtown Sacramento. It’s a chic, bustling nightspot with Hip-Hop performances, VIP services and a small patio.

9. Dance On The Edge Sacramento

Dance On The Edge Sacramento

Hope you are having a great day! It’s time to create great memories dancing and having amazing Dance Lessons to improve or have skills. This is possible at Dance on the Edge, Dance club and nightclub located in Sacramento, United States. They create free, family friendly and fun public dance events in beautiful outdoor locations throughout Sacramento.

10. Faces Nightclub Sacramento

Faces Nightclub Sacramento

Are you looking for the best place to lose yourself in Sacramento? Faces Nightclub is the place to be. Faces Nightclub is a gay nightclub located in K street, Sacramento, United States. The venue features three dance rooms, 15 bars, VIP lounge, and outdoor pool, plus themed events and dress to impress.

11. Midtown BarFly Sacramento

Midtown BarFly Sacramento

Midtown Barfly has thankfully filled a void, especially for those seeking certain types of music you wouldn’t usually find elsewhere. Midtown Barfly is located in Sacramento, United States. It features Salsa, Goth, and swing nights offering a neon-lit dance floor.  Midtown Barfly demonstrates spectacular Event- music range. They play a variety of industrial music, EBM, 80’s, and more. The venue has two areas, one for salsa dancing and one for Bachata dancing during Wednesdays and Fridays. The instructors are amazing and they have a great time getting to know people and dance.

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