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Nightlife in Sacramento can be casual, high-energy or somewhere in between. Choose from music venues in both the arena and intimate sizes, laid back wine bars or hipster breweries, standard Broadway productions, or bawdy off-the-beaten-track theater. Sacramento offers so many options, from dance clubs to dives, is a civilized luxury. Expect the extraordinary – with an emphasis on “extra” – when you hit the upscale entertainment scene at the city’s most sophisticated clubs and posh bars with bottle service in Sacramento.

VIP venues in Sacramento features a chic and bustling VIP venues, live performances, well set VIP tables, individualized VIP service warm and glamorous space to relax, internationally renowned DJs, huge outdoor patio with stunning city view, live bands, spacious and comfortable VIP sections, private outdoor cabanas are also available for those seeking quality V.I.P, premiere adult nightclubs catering to all the exciting people who love a great experience!, and a private booth

1. Social Nightclub Sacramento

Whether you are looking for some of the top DJs from around the world, a dance floor that gets you wild all night, or multiple bars to meet new people, social has a setup you will love. Social Nightclub is located in Sacramento, United States, occupying a 2nd floor space on the Kay in downtown Sacramento. It’s a chic, bustling nightspot with Hip-Hop performances, VIP services and a small patio.

2. Faces Nightclub Sacramento

Are you looking for the best place to lose yourself in Sacramento? Faces Nightclub is the place to be. Faces Nightclub is a gay nightclub located in K street, Sacramento, United States. The venue features three dance rooms, 15 bars, VIP lounge, and outdoor pool, plus themed events and dress to impress.

3. Dance on the Edge Sacramento

Hope you are having a great day! It’s time to create great memories dancing and having amazing Dance Lessons to improve or have skills. This is possible at Dance on the Edge, Dance club and nightclub located in Sacramento, United States. They create free, family friendly and fun public dance events in beautiful outdoor locations throughout Sacramento.


Sacramento is full of fun experiences and attractions, making it easy for you to create your own VIP excursion at any time of the year. Don’t wait hours to get in or stand three-deep at the bar waiting to make eye contact with the bartender. At Sacramento VIP venues, your needs are met with VIP-style lavish surroundings.

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