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Being a clubber, you are already smitten with the one of a kind EDM Dance in the clubs. Phoenix has got everything for every taste. This city is home to the most buzzed-about and loved EDM clubs to be found anywhere on earth. You are sure to get to listen to the most upbeat and ultimate music of your life at these clubs! If you are looking for the finest EDM Dance clubs in Phoenix, find them on our list. We have experienced numerous venues and brought the top 5 on our list. Just follow this list to make the most out of what Phoenix has to offer. Believe it or not, you will experience the best! If you have any doubts, go visit these venues for yourself and let us know what you find.

1. Monarch Theatre

Monarch Theatre

One of the most paramount and exuberant nightlife spots in Phoenix is the Monarch Theatre. The proprietors collectively called ‘Solstice Management Group’ just enlarged and diversified the pronounced presence of the city on Washington Street block by investing and developing the Monarch Theatre spot. Monarch Theatre is nothing less than a MONARCH of deep house, genuine downtown entertainment, and heavy bass.

2. Crescent Ballroom

Crescent Ballroom

A concoction of three most beautiful and awe-inspiring venues is Crescent Ballroom. One is the middle-sized venue for music that has a capacity of 550 individuals in a given time. This music venue plays live music every day and has established its name as one of the best music spots in Downtown Phoenix. Added to the music venue, there is a lounge that also extends the full services of the bar. This lounge opens daily and serves drinks and food until midnight all the seven days of the week. The last but not the least venue is the kitchen, known as Cocina 10. Cocina 10 prides itself in serving the most paramount and gastronomic Arizona cooking with vegetarian recipes and homemade options.

3. Club Cloud N9ne

Club Cloud N9ne

One of Arizona’s most premiers and second to none hookah lounges and nightclubs is Club Cloud N9ne. It is one of the most potential and paramount venues for the 18+. Most comfortable seating, a great and obedient staff, best lighting and sound systems are some of the most eminent and legendary features of Cloud N9ne. It has anything and everything on offer for what the best nightclubs and hookah bars are meant to be!

4. Gypsy Bar

Gypsy Bar

Like most of the flashy, glitzy, and flamboyant Phoenix nightlife spots, Gypsy Bar just comes alive with the most awe-inspiring light and sound movements together with colorful atmosphere soon as the Sun goes down. Both its LED-laden lustrous in-house dance club as well as the adjoining arcade with over 40 A1 video games come alive alike. Gypsy Bar is second to none spot for the adults watching out for a most paramount nightlife experience. This one of a kind nightspot is arguably one of the most potential venues, that can satisfy most of your nightlife desires. Gypsy Bar is adjacent to Lucky Strike and occupies 10K sq/ft of area.

5. Bar Smith

Bar Smith

Bar Smith is nothing less than one of the most paramount, luxurious, and exuberant nightclubs ever happen in the history of Phoenix. It has two levels, a dreamlike rooftop bar, and a chic nightclub. The venue offers a perfect concoction of house beats as well as vibrant and electrifying atmosphere. The world-famous, as well as the talented local DJs, pride themselves in playing the best music all night long at Bar Smith. They leave no stone unturned in serving the music and dance devotees with the best of their craft. Both the rooftop bar and the main room has a bar and a dancefloor. Bar Smith is not a venue for sitting and reclining while sipping on your favorite beverage. Rather, it is that electrified place that demands you to put your hat and dance shoes on as you are going to dance fanatically all night away!

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In Conclusion

The night scene in Phoenix is miscellaneous. You have many eclectic activities to do in the city at night. Amidst the best goings-on, listening to the ultimate EDM Dance is just an experience apart. Never will you get tired of being at these places. If you find this declaration a little hard to believe, go experience them for yourself! Wishing you the Best of Luck!

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