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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Phoenix

1. Gypsy Bar Phoenix

Gypsy Bar Phoenix

Gypsy Bar Phoenix  just comes alive with the most awe-inspiring light and sound movements together with colorful atmosphere soon as the Sun goes down. Both its LED-laden lustrous in-house dance club as well as the adjoining arcade with over 40 A1 video games come alive alike. Gypsy Bar is second to none spot for the adults watching out for a most paramount nightlife experience. This one of a kind nightspot is arguably one of the most potential venues, that can satisfy most of your nightlife desires. Gypsy Bar is adjacent to Lucky Strike and occupies 10K sq/ft of area.

2. Crescent Ballroom Phoenix

Crescent Ballroom Phoenix

A concoction of three most beautiful and awe-inspiring venues is Crescent Ballroom Phoenix. One is the middle-sized venue for music that has a capacity of 550 individuals in a given time. This music venue plays live music every day and has established its name as one of the best music spots in Downtown Phoenix. Added to the music venue, there is a lounge that also extends the full services of the bar. This lounge opens daily and serves drinks and food until midnight all the seven days of the week. The last but not the least venue is the kitchen, known as Cocina 10. Cocina 10 prides itself in serving the most paramount and gastronomic Arizona cooking with vegetarian recipes and homemade options.

3. Club Luxx Phoenix

Club Luxx Phoenix

The design and decor of Club Luxx is inspired by a luxurious speakeasy concept. For which, you will get to see numerous oak barrels as well as the grand Prohibition-era snaps covering most of the walls. You will feel as you have reached to a dreamy and make-believe place as soon as you enter the venue. The cocktail and champagne menu is very thirst-quenching, diverse, and miscellaneous.

4. Q’s Nightclub Phoenix 

Q’s Nightclub Phoenix 

Q’s Nightclub Phoenix is your thing. You will get to find each aspect of divertissement, leisure, amusement, beer and skittles, for which the most paramount nightlife spots are meant to be! Q’s Nightclub is one of the hottest and most famed nightclubs in the town. The merrymakers, music lovers, dance maniacs, and partygoers who want to make the most out of their lives keep visiting Q’s Nightclub, more often than not. It is one of the most refreshing and reclining spots you will ever find anywhere on the planet.

5. Club Dwntwn Phoenix

Club Dwntwn Phoenix

Club Dwntwn Phoenix is one of the best and most paramount red-hot dance and music destinations that house Amsterdam and Plazzo. The one of a kind and first-class Club Dwntwn has two dance floors together with two bars, an upscale dress-code and mostly the Hispanic clientele who fill up the venue to capacity on the weekends. The musicians and DJ’s keep on spinning a great number of Latin-dance genres including cumbia, salsa, reggaeton, more into the wee hours in the morning.

6. Rhythm Room Phoenix

Rhythm Room Phoenix

Rhythm Room Phoenix is a venue that has a perfect rhythm of music, drinks, and an awe-inspiring electrifying environment. Soon as you enter this one of a kind venue, you will feel the warmth and coziness of the gleaming candescent bulbs hung up on the ceiling. The same homeliness is felt throughout all the excruciating details put into the gastro pub drinks and cocktails.

7. Club Cloud N9ne Phoenix

Club Cloud N9ne Phoenix

Club Cloud N9ne Phoenix is one of the most potential and paramount venues for the 18+. Most comfortable seating, a great and obedient staff, best lighting and sound systems are some of the most eminent and legendary features of Cloud N9ne. It has anything and everything on offer for what the best nightclubs and hookah bars are meant to be!

8. Classico Phoenix Nightclub 

Classico Phoenix Nightclub 

One of the most paramount and classy Latin clubs in Arizona is Classico Phoenix Nightclub. The venue has caught the eyes and hearts of music aficionados, drink maniacs, and dance freaks right after Classico Phoenix saw the light. People come from far off places to recline and enjoy this one of a kind nightlife spot. Classico Phoenix has everything for which the most exotic and exuberant nightlife spots are meant to be.

9. The Cash Nightclub & Lounge Phoenix 

The Cash Nightclub & Lounge Phoenix

The Cash Nightclub & Lounge Phoenix prides itself in extending more than 30 years of best services to its clientele by far. Cash Nightclub used to be called ‘Cash Country Inn’ on account of being considered as a ‘country bar’ as it has established itself as one of the oldest and most paramount nightlife spots of Phoenix. It has adapted itself with the changing needs of the time so it plays the best and up to date hip-hop and old school as well as Latin music and EDM.

10. Charlie’s Phoenix

Charlie’s Phoenix

Charlie’s Phoenix is also giving the free dance classes in a most fun, supportive, and learning environment. Anyone familiar to any levels of dance can grasp this opportunity on Thursdays and Saturdays. The daily events of Charlie’s Phoenix are most famous among its patrons such as Sexxxy Gogos and The Sinful Studs. The venue is also famed for its miscellaneous and diverse music genres. Local, as well as the internationally-acclaimed DJs and artists perform at Charlie’s. Out of the world cocktails, champagne, and the drinks are on the menu.

11. Char’s Has The Blues Phoenix 

Char’s Has The Blues Phoenix 

Char’s Has The Blues Phoenix comes second to none. People come from far off areas just to recline and enjoy the live current music being played at Char’s. Char’s Has The Blues has anything and everything for which a most paramount night spot is meant to be. The venue is open 7 days a week in the evening till midnight. It becomes crowded and packed so quickly that you must arrive as early as possible to get your own personal table. Char’s Has The Blues is considered as the most potential venue in the valley for hearing live music by the most talented musicians and singers, each day of the week. The staff and management at Char’s are very courteous, friendly, polite, and diligent in serving you. Added to that, R&B, Funk, Blues, and Soul music are the most favorite genres of Char’s. The music scene at Char’s is what people get attracted to, the most.

12. The Duce Phoenix

The Duce Phoenix

The Duce Phoenix  is one of the most luxurious, exuberant and lavish venues in Arizona Phoenix. This venue is ranked among the top three hippest spots in the United States by CNN Travel as well as voted among the top ten most idiosyncratic, unique, and exclusive restaurants in the United States by CNBC. The Duce extends the old-school authentic entertainment for the people who are young at heart and like to celebrate life outside the box.

13. Valley Bar Phoenix

Valley Bar Phoenix

Valley Bar Phoenix extends several options to its patrons and clientele to choose from while planning their evening out. First, there is the Rose Room (Rose Mofford Lounge), where you have the option to enjoy 50 wines or one of its eight draft beers. Added to that, you have another mind-boggling and awe-inspiring entertainment place, the Music Hall. Her, you will enjoy the most incredible and not in the least likely performances on stage while sipping your drink. The Music Hall has a capacity of 250 individuals at a given time. It showcases miscellaneous varieties of film, spoken, comedy, and music.

14. Karamba Nightclub Phoenix

Karamba Nightclub Phoenix

Karamba Nightclub Phoenix is nothing less than one of the best and busiest gay dancer clubs and Latin bars, which you can ever find anywhere in the world. It has a hi-tech look, a thunderous and edgy sound system. Added to a grand patio, there are two grand indoor areas as well. The crowd, as well as the music, are greatly Latin-influenced, however, all sorts of revelers, partygoers, merrymakers, and bacchants can be spotted here from the buff gym and shirtless kids to straight-and-progressive types to veteran circuit-party abusers who just love the tremendous music. Nothing is intimate or quiet about this venue. Karamba Nightclub is where people go to recline and relax out of their monotonous and busy routine lives.

15. Monarch Theatre Phoenix

Monarch Theatre Phoenix

Monarch Theatre Phoenix was opened in the year 2012. The updating and revamping of the concert stage, main dance floor, Canadian imported PK sound system, and the most unique and exuberant location, increasingly module downtown nightlife of Phoenix with its high-energy shows and culturally smooth events. Added to the capacity downstairs, the Monarch Theatre upstairs aptitude holds a high-class voluminous ambiance for the fun-freakish who are watching out for a swish and glitzy dance space together with a ritzier and grandiose lounge amusement.

16. Blue Martini Lounge Phoenix 

Blue Martini Lounge Phoenix 

Blue Martini Lounge Phoenix  has already established its name among music aficionados, drink maniacs, dance freaks, and food devotees. It is one of the best contemporary and upscale local bars in Phoenix. The venue is nothing less than a hotspot for both visitors and locals for extending merry times 7 days a week. You will always find something new and novel at Blue Martini such as special themed nights ‘Industry Night’ and ‘Ladies Night’. The spot is best known for providing its guests with live entertainment.

17. Bar Smith Phoenix

Bar Smith Phoenix

Bar Smith Phoenix is nothing less than one of the most paramount, luxurious, and exuberant nightclubs ever happen in the history of Phoenix. It has two levels, a dreamlike rooftop bar, and a chic nightclub. The venue offers a perfect concoction of house beats as well as vibrant and electrifying atmosphere. The world-famous, as well as the talented local DJs, pride themselves in playing the best music all night long at Bar Smith. They leave no stone unturned in serving the music and dance devotees with the best of their craft. Both the rooftop bar and the main room has a bar and a dancefloor. Bar Smith is not a venue for sitting and reclining while sipping on your favorite beverage. Rather, it is that electrified place that demands you to put your hat and dance shoes on as you are going to dance fanatically all night away!

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How old do you have to be to join a Phoenix club?

Mill Avenue in Tempe, near the campus of Arizona State University, is a bustling hub of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Most of these nightclubs are strictly for people over her 21, but Tempe has a place to go out before celebrating her 21st birthday.

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