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Are you tired after a long weekend at work and need a place to wind down? Montevideo offers its people a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience with a wide range of restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars. The city has some of the best nightclubs that provide customers with a unique nightlife experience. One of the most popular genres of music played at the clubs in this city is electronic music. We have listed some of the best electronic clubs in Montevideo for you! These clubs host amazing DJs who know how to keep the club hopping all night and morning. Drinks, music, dance, entertainment these clubs provide you with the whole experience. Each club has its own rules, dress code and criteria which you should go through before heading out. 


Another trendy nightclub in Montevideo, Phonotheque, has been up and running since 2013 and has established a good reputation amongst the locals. In fact, you won’t be surprised to see many tourists heading to the club as well. 

Phonotheque is one of the few clubs in Montevideo to have a spacious dance floor. However, due to its popularity, this dancefloor too gets crowded during the peak operating hours of the club. The club is set in an old-school, long, dome-covered alley with a large stage and screen displayed behind it. 


Ibiza Megadisco is a nightclub located on Av. Gral Rondeau and is recommended for a night of fun, drinks, dance, and laughter. The club looks like any nightclub would, dark with spotlights and some neon lighting from the inside. The ceilings are adorned with shiny disco balls glamming up the place. The dancefloor is not very spacious, like most of the clubs in the city and can get crowded during peak hours. 


This club is more of an adult-rated club with entertainment, music and drinks. Baires Nightclub is located in San Jose and is a popular choice for gentlemen. The club is full of young, beautiful ladies who entertain the customers with pole dances and more. They also host live music shows, and entry is primarily free on some days. 


The Stereo Club is one of Montevideo’s famous nightclubs, not only for the locals but also for tourists. The club has a spacious dancefloor which can be found crowded with people swaying to the music all night long. The dress code at the club is more on the casual side, giving customers a choice to wear whatever they are comfortable in and enjoy a night of great music, dance and drinks. 


The Lotus Club is a small and distinctive nightclub located in Montevideo and is known as the classiest club in the city. It is one of the town’s hottest nightspots and a favourite amongst the locals. The crowd is selective, and entry is mostly by list only. The club can accommodate around 400 people and has a great dance floor with excellent acoustics and sounds. There is an ample number of drinks going around the club has well-stocked bars, two of which are indoors and one outdoors. The Lotus Club has VIP tables and offers VIP services, which can be availed if booked in advance. The age group of people you will find here will be between 21 to 40. The club is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 p.m. onwards. 


If you are in Montevideo and love dancing, primarily Salsa, then La Bodeguita Del Sur is where you want to be. This club is known for its special dance nights, including Salsa, Bachata, and other Caribbean rhythms. Some of the familiar music genres played at this nightclub include EDM, RnB and Electronic music. The Bodeguita Del Sur does not have a vast dance floor but has more of a small and cosy atmosphere. You can find people of all ages here who have come out to get their dance moves on. Everyone is friendly, and making new friends here would be easy, so it does not matter whether you come in alone or with a partner. 


Put on your dancing shoes and head on out to some of the best electronic clubs in the city and dance the night away! Electronic music does not let you sit in your seat anyways with a blend of excellent DJs and a good sound system. Though the clubs in the city are not very grand or lavish, they give out the perfect dance club vibes with the dark atmosphere, excellent sound systems and acoustics. The dance floors can be found crowded with people as locals and tourists head out for a night of fun and entertainment. The people are welcoming and friendly and make you feel comfortable within them. The nightlife in the city, especially at the nightclubs, begins after midnight and gets going around 3 a.m. The bartenders can be found opening bottles and mixing drinks until doors close. 

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