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Montevideo is a city with an exotic nightlife full of pubs, bars, and clubs worth the experience. The city has some of the best nightclubs with amazing DJs that spin some excellent House music. These clubs provide entertainment, music, singing, dancing and non-stop drinks. The locals here love to party late at night, and the clubs start getting busy after 2 a.m., and people are not willing to leave even till the early morning hours. Each nightclub has an exotic interior and environment, but they all give out nightclub vibes putting people in the mood to party. If you are in Montevideo and in the mood for some excellent House music, visit one of the following clubs we have found for you. Each club has its dress code, rules and regulations, so it is best to go through all the details we have provided before deciding which one suits you the best.



Another trendy nightclub in Montevideo, Phonotheque, has been up and running since 2013 and has established a good reputation amongst the locals. In fact, you won’t be surprised to see many tourists heading to the club as well. 

Phonotheque is one of the few clubs in Montevideo to have a spacious dance floor. However, due to its popularity, this dancefloor too gets crowded during the peak operating hours of the club. The club is set in an old-school, long, dome-covered alley with a large stage and screen displayed behind it. 



The Stereo Club is one of Montevideo’s famous nightclubs, not only for the locals but also for tourists. The club has a spacious dancefloor which can be found crowded with people swaying to the music all night long. The dress code at the club is more on the casual side, giving customers a choice to wear whatever they are comfortable in and enjoy a night of great music, dance and drinks. 



The Lotus Club is a small and distinctive nightclub located in Montevideo and is known as the classiest club in the city. It is one of the town’s hottest nightspots and a favourite amongst the locals. The crowd is selective, and entry is mostly by list only. The club can accommodate around 400 people and has a great dance floor with excellent acoustics and sounds. There is an ample number of drinks going around the club has well-stocked bars, two of which are indoors and one outdoors. The Lotus Club has VIP tables and offers VIP services, which can be availed if booked in advance. The age group of people you will find here will be between 21 to 40. The club is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11 p.m. onwards. 

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When it comes to nightlife, Montevideo does not disappoint. The club is full of non-stop entertainment for its people in all forms. You can find all sorts of entertainment going on throughout the night and venues full of locals and tourists as well. The people being friendly and welcoming makes the city a better place, allowing everyone to come together to enjoy themselves and experience nightlife like no other. These nightclubs are some of the best in the town and aim at providing their customers with the best entertainment, food, drinks and music. The spirit and energy of every club show that the people of Montevideo know how to have fun and party. However, there are not many clubs that play House music, the ones that do host some of the best local and international DJs that know how to spin some great music and keep the dancefloor bouncing all night and morning. 

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