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Escapade 2001 Houston

Escapade 2001 Houston


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Escapade 2001 Houston, Guide & Review

Escapade 2001 Houston is a place that you can visit to get plenty of fun and entertainment. That’s mainly because you can discover all types of Latino dances being performed in the club. They include Zapateado, Merengue and Bachata as well. They are practiced in separate sections of the club. It is up to you to visit the appropriate section based on your preferences.

The Escapade 2001 Houston was established back in 2001. Since then, it is one of the best places available among the Latino dance lovers. Inside Escapade 2001 Houston, you can discover two different dance floors. These two dance floors are located on different sides of the club. If you go to the dance floor towards your left, you can find a DJ playing English music. It provides an energetic experience to the guests. But if you visit the dance floor located towards the right, you will be able to find music played n Spanish. That’s where you can practice Latino dancing. On the special nights, you can get an immersive experience at Escapade 2001 Houston. For example, you will be provided with glow sticks, which will encourage you to move forward with the vibe.

At Escapade 2001 Houston, you can get a blasting dancing experience along with your friends and other people you know. In between the dances, you will also be able to enjoy others dance. Then you can also grab a drink and chat with others. The dance floor is filled with flat screen televisions as well. In addition to that, you can also figure out female dancers, who are working as patrons. It is not a fully crowded nightclub. You will be able to find around 30 guests on a typical night at Escapade 2001 Houston.

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