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Fiesta Music Bar Taipei, Guide & Review

You are up for your night out at Taipei then Fiesta Music Bar will make your night out awesome. It is a dance club and a night club located at Section4, Chengde Road, Shilin District, Taipei, this bar is for you if you love music and you want to perform, or you just feel like enjoying the show. Show off your skill, or a new song you’ve been working on, or just play your favourite tunes! We have drums, two guitar amps, bass amps, mics, keyboard, percussion, acoustic and electric guitar, just to bring some cool people and positive vibes!

Fiesta music bar being a live Music Bar, we provide a venue for everyone to place their curiosity and enjoy to the fullest. Fiesta Bar selects a variety of classic Peruvian cuisine and cocktails, hoping to introduce the taste of Peruvian cuisine to Taiwan. From Peru’s classic “Ceviche” lemon sashimi, breakfast “Pan con Chicharron” braised fried pork sandwich, street snack “Anticucho” marinated grilled beef heart, to Peru mother’s home-cooked dish “Aji de Gallina” chicken breast with yellow pepper Then show the different aspects of Peruvian cuisine. “

Amazing fun and dance during the weekends characterized by live music played by local and invited artists. Superb bartenders and good food with reasonable prices. Fiesta music pub is indeed a nice pub to hangout with friends and super cool for salsa dancing. Just and enjoy the best entertainment ever on your night out. Come join us on your night out at Fiesta music bar where everyone is dancing to ambient music and having fun; you will definitely opt to join us again and consider Fiesta music bar as a place to hang out with friends whenever you are on a night out in Taipei.

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