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Deciding to have your night out in Taipei then don’t think beyond IKON Taipei. Located in the Xinyi business district, it is very lively during the day and night. One ticket(girls free)and all you can drink. The cocktails are good and there’s also beer. The music is great if you’re an EDM lover and the atmosphere is brilliant. A nice place to hang out with friends at night. Brand New Taipei Nightclub IKON Taipei to experience pulling. The light and the music walk in a more gentle

The light and music walk in a more gentle and comprehensive dynamic atmosphere, adopting the music style of EDM. It’s more electronic music. DJs with MC and the overall light flickering performance, will definitely win your heart. Enjoy the wine with a romantic atmosphere.

If you have this table or sofa, there will be a dedicated service to take the wine for you, and the wine is also free all night. There are a large pot of CookTail to choose from, EX: Whiskey Coke, Lychee

Wine, vodka 7-UP, etc., as well as a comprehensive platter of small snacks (fried chicken, French fries, chicken nuggets, etc.), the most important thing is to have public relations to entertain SHOT for free. Meet, share and enjoy and have fun moments with lots of dancing. We look forward to seeing you here and the rest will flow to make your night out worth memories.

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