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    About Gatlinburg

    Amidst the hot summer air and tiring routines, if you desire a refreshing weekend getaway with your friends and family, Gatlinburg, TN, proves to be a perfect choice. This city is known for its proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the U.S. Route 441 connecting to Cherokee (North Carolina).

    In addition, Gatlinburg is popularly known for its rich culture, natural heritage, mouth-watering food, famous drinks, and mind-blowing theme parks.

    In fact, after enjoying the daytime natural sightseeing and adventure parks, you can explore the nightlife fun at numerous Gatlinburg breweries, nightclubs, and theaters. For a small resort town, Gatlinburg has a great nightlife that competes with the lavish and extravagant bars of the big cities.

    It also has a great mix of places suitable for a hangout with family, friends, children, and elders.

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