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Shamrock Gatlinburg, Guide & Review

Shamrock is a Pub and Nightclub located at Reagan Drive in Gatlinburg. This club is a casual hanging spot. Claiming to be an Irish-themed club, it serves the community well. Shamrock’s dress code has no obligations, and patrons are free to wear anything of their choice, from casual to formal wear. Shamrock has a full-fledged bar at the premises to satisfy the guests’ alcohol demands. Different types of alcohol, beers, whiskey, and special drinks are available for the bartenders to serve the patrons. Shamrock hosts a lot of the local talent at the venue.

The music played at this nightclub falls under Rock, Pop, and Electronic Dance Music. The great thing about Shamrock is that they are open seven days a week at the exact timings: from 11 am till 1 am late at night. This venue is a clean, sleek, and chic place to visit. Local talents and community artists are encouraged to play at this nightclub. Hendy Bombat is an excellent example of exceptional local talent with his rock tunes and vocals. In the daytime, Shamrock acts as a bar and restaurant with exquisite food quality. Right as the sun sets, Shamrock dives into the nightlife experience of music, dance, and karaoke. Live music and karaoke are available daily at the venue. There is seating available on the rooftop where restaurant serving and dance spaces are organized, which can vary depending on the event. Cocktails and mixed drinks are a specialty at Shamrock. Patrons enjoy relaxing on the patio or chilling indoors. Event hosting like Halloween parties with costume contests is a part of the social entertainment experience at Shamrock. Karaoke starts at 8 pm at the venue every night. Individuals or groups who wish to play live at the club are always advised to bring their instruments, hosted every Wednesday. Shamrock has relatively positive feedback from the patrons and the community. Their lunch menu is commended, especially wings and fried pickles. Karaoke is one of the most enjoyed aspects of this venue for the patrons to blast it. The service of the staff is professional and friendly. Shamrock is well maintained, and the platform is cleaned regularly. Although some patrons have reported on some days, service wasn’t ideal, and the venue was loud. Ultimately, Shamrock is a go-to spot if you are ever in Gatlinburg! It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night; Shamrock has got your back!

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