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Australia’s most vibrant city Sydney has much more to offer than just restaurants and straight clubs! This city is well known for its high-end Gay and L.G.B.T. clubs, providing you with a safe and energetic atmosphere where you can open up and express your creativity. If you are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or whatever different, and are looking for someplace to feel like your own, we have got you covered! Following are the best LGBTQIA community clubs right in the heart of Sydney.

1. Universal Sydney 

Universal Sydney 

Located on Oxford street is this extraordinary club named Universal, a center of the fabulous LGBTQI community of Sydney. The venue is bright yet so dark and intimate with plenty of activities and excellent food. From festivals to drag races and themed parties, this intimate club has it all. It also has a friendly environment. This place is divided into two floors. Downstairs is more of a party den; upstairs is where you can dine while watching the exquisite drag show shaking the stage.  Ground-level is a cool stop with a black interior attracting diverse crowds. This is where various theme parties happen every other night, including leather, bears, chubs, mature, Asians, and the trendy ones. It has two cocktail bars, serving you reasonably priced and strong drinks. DJs from all around perform here. With remixes of pop and R&B, music is killing, and the crowd is just a hoot!

2. Arq Sydney 

Arq Sydney 

Are you looking for a ragging gay nightclub that is also elite and high-end? This is the spot. Located on Oxford Steet is Sydney’s most aspiring Gay club, Arq. “Q” in Arq represents “queer,” a well-put and unique name. People of the LGBTQI community always have difficulty finding a club of their liking, where they are not judged and can enjoy like every other person. Even after the world has apparently accepted the Gay culture, there is always a need for a safe place. This elegant club is where you can feel secure and enjoy yourself without any hassle. The venue is not so expensive, but euphoric Lighting effects paired with a blasting sound system make you feel like you are in some expensive and high-class club! Arq is one of the longest-running gay clubs in Australia. From live music to drag performers, Arq has it all. This megaclub has two separate spaces, one for diva shows and the other for DJ’s musical. There is another level up if you just want to sit back and relax while the crowd downstairs is dancing and shouting. Arq delivers not only some of the best shows in town but also a comfortable environment with great air-con. This energetic venue remains famous for its performances and sexy vibe. You will find lots of muscular guys with their shirts off and sexy queens to pump you up with adrenaline. Even if you enter this nightspot all confused and shy, you will turn into something you won’t believe. Many different rooms are also available for you to hang out and chill.

3. Magic Men Sydney 

Magic Men Sydney 

Hello sexy girls! Looking for someplace to celebrate your bachelorette night? What better than a male strip show before you become a one-person woman for the rest of your life? From irresistibly hot male strippers to topless waiters, Magic Men features the most exquisite men Sydney has ever known! These gentlemen are some of the most classy entertainers throughout Australia! Whether it is a bachelorette party or just a girls’ night, these men will be at your disposal! This Dynasty bar is located at 101/1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney. Interior is a well-lit space with the perfect blend of dark and bright lights so that you can stare at their abs clearly and intimately! With the crisp sound system and a solid dance floor, Magic Men put on a sensational show!

4. Men’s Gallery Sydney

Men’s Gallery Sydney

Heaven is real and at the Men’s Gallery. Situated on 92 Pitt street Sydney, the club serves you hotness and fire. It also provides you with customized sumptuous private rooms where you can take your favorite dancer and have a fun time with full nude treats. Plan your parties here and have the most wicked and vicious time. The dimly lit yet vibrant interior of the club gives it a lewd ambiance.  You will encounter the finest bodies and trimmed bosom, all ready to treat your eyes and your lust! If this much sexiness makes you greedy, be ready to taste delicious eateries there too. Food is the perfect blend of flavors and spices served warm. It has a nice sitting arrangement with comfortably padded chairs with gleaming dance poles scattered all over the room. Club has most supporting staff trying to tend to every need of their customers. Scantly clad women come on tables to take ore]der. With relaxing music in the background, lap dances and booty shakes will make you go mad. Hot angels and fiery pole dancers put up a hedonistic and voluptuous show that remains unforgettable forever. You will find it pretty impressive how they could climb high up on the pole and swing around so conveniently and flexibly. The best thing about the club is its economic prices. One can enjoy dancers, food or private shows, everything on a budget. You can have conversations with these sensual models who are friendly, giving your experience a personal touch and increasing your desire to keep coming back. although one cannot touch these models, you can have them touch you! They have a top-level security system for the safety of their workers and customers, creating a comfortable environment for both parties. Best place to party hard and get harder!

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In Conclusion

The clubs mentioned above, Universal, Arq, Magic Men, and Men’s Gallery, are your top-notch selection of nightclubs in Sydney. Here you will witness a unique and elegant vibe with various kinds of music from dance, contemporary R & B, house to trance, and techno performed by some of the best residential and international artists. Besides music, you will get to see Jaw-dropping performances from sexy divas and hunks. Pay a visit now and dance with confidence. Be with people who admire and support you!


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