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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Sydney

1. Marquee Sydney

Marquee Sydney

Do you love parties? Or are you not a party person? Well, it doesn’t matter once you step foot in Marquee Sydney. Its elite and stunning nightlife will make you fall in love with parties! When singers like Bruno Mars, Drake, Post Malone, Migos, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, and Future perform at the club, do you still need to ask yourself, whether to go or not?  This international club has much to offer than you can ask for. Located on the Star’s top-level, the venue provides a terrific view over the harbor and the city. Besides clubbing, this high end place also hosts product launches, networking receptions, and business functions.

2. Club 77 Sydney

Club 77 Sydney

This whirling club is Located on 77 William street, giving every explanation of 77 in its title. With a mighty experience of over 20 years, this club can give you a short trip to vibrant Sydney culture. Club 77 is one of the discreet clubs in the town. No signboards, No posters, just a single door with its name on it. After walking downstairs, the club comes to life, giving you an awesome underground vibe. Since it is situated underground, the temperature is a bit warmer, yet giving you every reason to chill. The club is mostly jammed with people, especially on weekends. The dressing is not an issue here, wear any clothes and jump into the party. The whole interior is stuffed with sexful posters and few couches at a glance. The environment is aroused by strobe lights and rave music, enough to motivate you for some tequila shots. The dance floor and DJ do quite a job in making your body move to the beat. 77 has a previous history of hosting the Bang Dang DJs, DJ Hookie, and Starfvckers. The owner and the staff, including the guards, are quite friendly, certainly not kicking you out for a random move on the floor.

3. IVY Sydney

IVY Sydney

Imagine a sunny day, and you are chilling in the pool with drinks in your hand, under the shades of palm trees. DJ is playing some lit music, all the people are dancing on his beats, and when day turns into night, aesthetic lightings and fire pits turn this place into a whole new world. It sounds like heaven! Doesn’t it?  This heaven is not somewhere in the space under Jupiter or Mars; it is here on Earth in Sydney, a city of music and love. This club is popularly known as IVY, an iconic destination for party-goers.

4. The world Bar Sydney 

The world Bar Sydney

If you are looking for a lowkey environment and a nice jug of beer, then the world bar is the place for you. For the last two decades, the world bar has been a great addition to Sydney’s nightlife. This renowned club has thrown some of the best club nights and live music events in the past. Situated at 24 Bayswater Rd, the world bar has got the whole world inside it. The key takeaways for this club are the daily events they host; each day, there’s a different theme. Like on Monday, you gotta see Latin and jazz while on Sundays a laugh mob can remove all the hectics of your weekdays. The venue’s rich history includes featuring Australia’s highly-regarded artists from Ajax to Flume and live performances from DZ Deathrays to lizard Wizard.

5. Soda Factory Sydney

Soda Factory Sydney

If you are on a tight budget and you are hungry for dynamic music and delicious food, this is where you should go. The Soda Factory, a true hidden gem of Sydney, is located in Surry Hills, New South Wales. While finding this club, you will first come across Bobby’s Boss Dogs, a classically styled dinner area, but when you head through the red Coca-Cola door, you will find a whole different place abuzz with energy named The Soda Factory.  This hidden speakeasy has a special every day, from Sunday Socials to Factory Fridays; it is always packed with something unique. You can go to any day feasible for you, and you will always find a reason to dance and have fun. Neon lightings, thundering music, live bands, and DJs fill this place with life. Very affordable American-style food paired with soda floats gives your taste buds a unique taste.

6. The Junction Sydney

The Junction Sydney

Are you a Latin lover? Do you want to witness some old Spanish reggaeton night? If yes, then this is your place. Situated in Bondi Junction is this energetic underground place. It hosts the bright nightlife of Sydney not only with a music venue and a bar but with an incredible art gallery. If you are a person of art and passion, this place is best suited for you. The club is a common destination for confident and extravagant drag queens whose performance and confidence will surely give you goosebumps. Packed with three separate bar counters, a cinematic screen, and a lit dance floor, it features local and international artists and live bands.

7. Home The Venue Sydney

Home The Venue Sydney

If you are away from home and are looking for nice homies in Sydney, then this place might hit you hard. Home the venue is a second home for all the international guys around the globe. This nightclub can be found in Darling Harbour, on the Harbourside. Home the venue usually comes with an entrance fee but can be off on events. Don’t hesitate to pay a few bucks for entrance because once entered, you will surely know how to throw a party. Divided into three floors, the view of the harbor from the floor can give you cozy vibes. International DJ’s, booming sound system, best audio-visual presentation, Certainly a “mega-club” of Sydney. If you are lucky enough, you can also get to watch the fantastic shows they host.

8. Oxford Art Factory Sydney 

Oxford Art Factory Sydney

Are you going through a tough time? Looking for somewhere to drain your sorrows and feel alive again? Welcome to Oxford Art Factory. The club is one of the best venues in Sydney for live gigs. Witness a relaxing atmosphere with excellent sound quality and intriguing club lightings in this lively place. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York, Oxford Art Factory has earned a reputation for showcasing the best talent with Local and International performances and hosting art exhibitions. Situated on Oxford Street, this club is a multi-functional venue with separate areas that can host multiple independent events at one time. It has a place for people of every taste.

9. Arq Sydney 

Arq Sydney 

Are you looking for a ragging gay nightclub that is also elite and high-end? This is the spot. Located on Oxford Steet is Sydney’s most aspiring Gay club, Arq. “Q” in Arq represents “queer,” a well-put and unique name. People of the LGBTQI community always have difficulty finding a club of their liking, where they are not judged and can enjoy like every other person. Even after the world has apparently accepted the Gay culture, there is always a need for a safe place. This elegant club is where you can feel secure and enjoy yourself without any hassle. The venue is not so expensive, but euphoric Lighting effects paired with a blasting sound system make you feel like you are in some expensive and high-class club! Arq is one of the longest-running gay clubs in Australia. From live music to drag performers, Arq has it all. This megaclub has two separate spaces, one for diva shows and the other for DJ’s musical. There is another level up if you just want to sit back and relax while the crowd downstairs is dancing and shouting. Arq delivers not only some of the best shows in town but also a comfortable environment with great air-con. This energetic venue remains famous for its performances and sexy vibe. You will find lots of muscular guys with their shirts off and sexy queens to pump you up with adrenaline. Even if you enter this nightspot all confused and shy, you will turn into something you won’t believe. Many different rooms are also available for you to hang out and chill.

10. Chinese Laundry Sydney

Chinese Laundry Sydney

If you want to get wild and crazy with your friends and you happen to be in Sydney, this is the place you want to go. Even if you are all by yourself and just want to take a day off, Chinese Laundry is where you will enjoy yourself without worrying for a chance. Everyone deserves some time to themselves, some time to forget all the worries and be in the moment. With the friendly and cooperative staff that is there to listen to you and laugh with you, this high-end underground club provides you the best experience you so desperately crave for!

11. The Cliff Dive Sydney 

The Cliff Dive Sydney 

Get out of your comfort zone and party at the most exotic clubs in Sydney. Located on Oxford Street, Darlinghurst is the underground party den, The Cliff Dive. The Interior of the club is designed skillfully with the most elegant and truly unique decoration. From modern pieces of equipment, Dj booth, cool cocktail bar, solid dance floor to wooden cabinets, traditional tiki art give this place cool mixed vibes. The aesthetic and layout of the bar are terrific, and the dance floor is roomy and conveniently placed. The atmosphere itself is a huge euphoria paired with a booming choice of music and lightings makes this inner-city bar the groovy venue in the town.

12. Tokyo Sing Song Sydney

okyo Sing Song Sydney 

Looking for a chilled cocktail and a platter of chopsticks? If yes, then you might wanna stumble across this cool nightclub. Tokyo Sing Song is an energetic club present at 145 King St, Newtown. Don’t judge this club by its name; this place has got much more of Sydney than Tokyo. The club is hard to find; no signage or billboards, the hotel stairs that go up can be mistaken with the club’s. Skip the upstairs and get downstairs. After walking down few stairs, the club starts, and so does the party. The club is famous for hosting events of various kinds. Teamed up with Kato and Tunnel signs, they bring naughty music live on Friday nights. If lucky enough, you can get a free entry pass to the event.

13. Red Room Sydney

Red Room Sydney

What best place to dance than on a floating venue? Located on King Street over Darling Harbor is an onboard nightclub, the Red Room.  Glass Island is a huge entertainment cruise ship that onboards Red Room, a vibrant club with jaw-dropping decoration, High tech sound system, and flashy discos. From Dj to live band, Red Room has everything for you to have a blast! If you are more of an 80’s and 90’s person, level two is your spot, but if you want some old-school Hip hop and RnB, the Main room is waiting for you. Hard on is usually on Saturday nights with spinning Dj performances and solid music to get your groove on!

14. The Spot Nightclub Sydney

The Spot Nightclub Sydney

Welcome to The Spot Nightclub- An energetic club that throws Sydney’s hottest weekly hip hop parties. JB or Lil Wayne, the spot is the best place to serve you some of the most remarkable hip hop trends. Although newly launched, this club has taken no time in being an exceptional addition to Sydney’s nightlife. The spot is now located at two venues; on Fridays, The general Bourke hotel, and on Saturdays, the port, darling harbor is the place for you. As you enter this amazing nightclub, you can witness a small bar on one end and a dance floor at the other. However, the place might look small but is significant when it comes to what it offers. Hot chicks, sexy music, and an electrifying environment, the spot has got you covered by all means. This picturesque club comes with neon lights and a laser light show, giving you the real feel of a club. R&B and house party anthems every Saturday makes up the key features of this club. The Spot nightclub is backed by Sydney’s prominent DJs like Nemz, Borello, Yaz; get ready to party from dusk till dawn. When it comes to the dressing code, the spot follows strict policies. Dress smartly; sports attire can get you kicked out by the bouncers.

15. MVP Nightclub Sydney 

MVP Nightclub Sydney 

Located at 275 Pitt St is MVP Nightclub, Sydney’s exuberant and high spirited center of nightlife, renowned for its elite VIP booth services and live music. The club’s interior is well furnished, with modern decor, cinematic screens, high ceilings with luxurious chandeliers, a smoking area, and loads more. Famous international artists have been part of the MVP family for years, including Chris Brown, Ciara, Omarion, Ashanti, Lloyd, The Game, Jason Derulo, Twista & Pleasure P. When such names are present in the history of the club, you don’t need to find a reason to party there!

16. Candelaria Sydney 

Candelaria Sydney 

Wanna know how to throw the finest Colombian party? Candelaria Sydney is the place. With great Latino music from old to new, this venue is famous for its terrific choice of music! Even If you are shy to dance, this nightspot will keep your feet moving. You will be shaking that booty in no time! You will hear various musical genres from urban rhythm to traditional, including Descarga de salsa , Reggaeton, Hip hop, Latin party anthem on Fridays and Rock in Spanish, R and B, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Vallenato, Tropical Pop, and DJs on Saturdays.

17. Carmens Nightclub Sydney

Carmens Nightclub Sydney

If you are searching for a world-class venue, all you have to do is go down the shire. Located at Miranda Hotel, 590 Kingsway is Sydney’s exotic partygoers’ destination, Carmens Nightclub. With an extravagant interior, two separate bars, spacious dance floor, it also features an open-air courtyard with an alfresco dining option. If you are a local and looking for a casual hang out with your friends, this is where you want to be. In the heart of shire is this vivacious venue hosting local DJs and international artists, giving a new lease of life to Sydney. This energetic venue has kicked off live music by some of the best Australian and international EDM artists, including Alison Wonderland, Vengeance, Emoh Instead, Van She Tech, Swick and Yolanda Be Cool, Tom Piper, MODEK, Ember, Tigerlily & Kyro. Crowd gets wild when DJ hits the keyboard.

18. S.A.S.H Sydney 

S.A.S.H Sydney

Looking for a party at a unique venue? Located at The Greenwood Hotel, 53 Blue Street, overlooking the glorious Sydney harbor is Sydney’s home of house music, S.A.S.H. Go by day, and you will find the most beautiful scenery, with a refreshing atmosphere, sea breeze touching you gently, the smell of luscious food, and DJ playing hard on. By night it is a whole different venue! Steezy and chill atmosphere with earsplitting music, classy lightings, and beautiful decor. With an intimate party going on within the glass wall downstairs, there is another level up, where people like to relax and enjoy the skyline and mighty sea waves. S.A.S.H hosts two parties on Sundays, 1st in the afternoon for all the natural beauty lovers and 2nd at late night for night owls. Take a sea voyage with S.A.S.H and experience a unique night of your life.

19. Club 3WM Sydney

Club 3WM Sydney

Club 3 wise monkeys, also referred to as Club 3WM, is a well-known nightclub present at 555 George St, Sydney.  A cozy environment, good food, and friendly staff are what Club 3WM persists of.  3WM comprises a multi-level building established in an old heritage site of a bank of Australia, a place just as unique as its name. Once entering the club, you can observe three floors of the building. The ground floor is more of a pub with vintage wood finishes and a great sitting area, a great place to watch sports and discuss politics. One floor up, and you enter an elite cocktail lounge which is supplemented with a mezzanine bar. The last floor is a late-night hot spot hosted by Australia’s famous DJs. R&B, dance, hip hop, house, and whatnot. This elite club also offers a free entry all night from every Monday to Thursday. Exciting right? The sound system of 3WM is reverberating enough to raise some heat in you. The club also hosts amazing events, only If you are fortunate enough to intervene in those days. The lights and smoke work parallel to DJ, giving you the essence of a being with the beat. With every floor up, the excitement and energy of the crowd increase. The staff is also friendly, allowing you to rock the floor without any interruptions.

20. 80 Proof Sydney 

80 Proof Sydney 

If you haven’t been to 80 proof, you are missing out! It is located in the middle of china town with aesthetic interiors and spacious clubbing area on 1st floor, and below it, you will find a nicely made and very hygienic cheers bar on the ground level. Sydney inhabitants and those coming from outside must go. have few beers with your friends while watching sports on one of their many TVs, or dance like crazy in a neon-lighted club. They have a place for everything. If merely drinks are not serving you enough, you can furthermore order their delectable food packed with heavenly flavors. DJ rosters are posted by their team members on their social media platforms, allowing you to know beforehand when your favorite DJ is playing. 80 proof is equipped with all the articles that can make the party lively, neon-colored party lights, surround sound speaker system, mirrors, disco balls, smoke machines, and hoses, you name it. 80 proof club has bars on the clubbing level and ground level. The bar on the ground floor serves your taste buds with delicious eateries. One doesn’t need to worry about going out of budget as they have economical price ranges. The vibe you will experience is pretty chill, and you will be thoroughly satisfied with their professional staff members. Cheers bar where 80 proof club is located is open round the clock awaiting your arrival. You can arrange and organize your private functions and events with inexpensive packages on the ground floor in The Cheers Bar and simultaneously enjoy the club and personal event. Drop-in and experience yourself!

21. Club Grand Hit Sydney

Club Grand Hit Sydney

 In the basement of 155 Castlereagh St is the only club in Sydney that provides a kyabakura experience. Club Grand Hit is Japanese inspired Gentlemen’s club that has found its way from Japan to Australia! Interior is Japanese-inspired with comfortable seatings, chandeliers hanging from the room, and a bar. This is a place where you can come and have a decent conversation with Asian girls. It also has private rooms to book for karaoke and games or just with one of these pretty girls. However, it has a non-sexual environment, sexual contact in the club is strictly prohibited, but if the girl is comfortable, she can go out with you some other time to have fun but not in the club! It is more of a decent friendly conversation place, maybe a little flirtatious and touchy

22. Universal Sydney 

Universal Sydney 

Located on Oxford street is this extraordinary club named Universal, a center of the fabulous LGBTQI community of Sydney. The venue is bright yet so dark and intimate with plenty of activities and excellent food. From festivals to drag races and themed parties, this intimate club has it all. It also has a friendly environment. This place is divided into two floors. Downstairs is more of a party den; upstairs is where you can dine while watching the exquisite drag show shaking the stage.  Ground-level is a cool stop with a black interior attracting diverse crowds. This is where various theme parties happen every other night, including leather, bears, chubs, mature, Asians, and the trendy ones. It has two cocktail bars, serving you reasonably priced and strong drinks. DJs from all around perform here. With remixes of pop and R&B, music is killing, and the crowd is just a hoot!

23. Magic Men Sydney 

Magic Men Sydney

Hello sexy girls! Looking for someplace to celebrate your bachelorette night? What better than a male strip show before you become a one-person woman for the rest of your life? From irresistibly hot male strippers to topless waiters, Magic Men features the most exquisite men Sydney has ever known! These gentlemen are some of the most classy entertainers throughout Australia! Whether it is a bachelorette party or just a girls’ night, these men will be at your disposal! This Dynasty bar is located at 101/1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney. Interior is a well-lit space with the perfect blend of dark and bright lights so that you can stare at their abs clearly and intimately! With the crisp sound system and a solid dance floor, Magic Men put on a sensational show!

24. Flamingo Lounge Sydney

Flamingo Lounge Sydney

Hey girls, If you are looking for a lit venue to party with your girlfriends, this is it! Flamingo Lounge, located in Potts Point, offers a stylish and sensational atmosphere for nightlife.  The place is decorated with such extra care. From neon lightings to retracted DJ stage, the Flamingo lounge gives Miami glamour vibes. It has two distinct spaces, Discotheque and The Terrace. The club features two bars and good party space with a DJ booth, pole dancing, and loads more, a Fabulous place for the get-together and catching up with drinks! Saturday night can be a blast over there. DJs and various other artists perform with such high spirited vibes filled with old-school hip hop/ R&B, house music, and the new wave of trap/rap music.

25. Cargo Sydney

Cargo Sydney

 Sunset by the harbor, drinks with mates, picturesque and almost unreal scenery around, pleasant outlook with serenity yet bustling environment, water taxis nearby, food in the igloos; what more are you looking for? Whether you want quality time with your friends or your taste goblets are hungry for delicious food, this place will serve all your gratifications with perfection. The colorful view and breathtaking panorama are just heavens on Earth. You will find extremely kind and humble staff members. Security there makes sure you never feel unsafe. The staff handles every situation gracefully and with a big smile on their faces. They tend to every requirement of yours. Heaters and blankets are arranged for those feeling cold. You will get crunchy and decently priced food served warm. All the cuisine looks so refreshing and extremely appetizing, which will give your glands a tough time if you try to hold it. This club also organizes live music events which can be enjoyed with slaying drinks of theirs. You can book corners for your own parties too, or have a private space inside the igloo and enjoy a meal with your loved ones. The ambiance of the club is highly vibrant and colorful; it can make mummy want to live. The Cargobar club is designed impeccably with exquisite lightings and a faultless interior. The sumptuous dance floor can make anyone go crazy.  Cargobar owners care for your health too. It is an ideal site to enjoy your day off or party in this pandemic. Club has introduced a new feature where you can order food online to minimize interaction with waiters for your safety which at the same time is a fun and a new experience. Cargobar awaits you! It will be the perfect host for its lovely guests.

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What is clubbing in Sydney like?

Sydney is a city that’s both classy and funky at the same time. It moves slyly into rock nights in glitzy nightclubs overflowing with good music and amazing cocktails. Diverse and wise, Sydney nightlife reveals the groovy and glittering side of the city that won’t let you down at all!

What do you wear to a club in Sydney?

For clubs, men should don neat business-style shoes. In almost all cases, women can dress more freely, but a small number of places require closed shoes or dressy sandals or high heels. Many pubs are called hotels, but only very few can ever offer you a place to sleep

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