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Club 77 Sydney, Guide & Review

This whirling club is Located on 77 William street, giving every explanation of 77 in its title. With a mighty experience of over 20 years, this club can give you a short trip to vibrant Sydney culture. Club 77 is one of the discreet clubs in the town. No signboards, No posters, just a single door with its name on it.

After walking downstairs, the club comes to life, giving you an awesome underground vibe. Since it is situated underground, the temperature is a bit warmer, yet giving you every reason to chill. The club is mostly jammed with people, especially on weekends. The dressing is not an issue here, wear any clothes and jump into the party. The whole interior is stuffed with sexful posters and few couches at a glance. The environment is aroused by strobe lights and rave music, enough to motivate you for some tequila shots.

The dance floor and DJ do quite a job in making your body move to the beat. 77 has a previous history of hosting the Bang Dang DJs, DJ Hookie, and Starfvckers. The owner and the staff, including the guards, are quite friendly, certainly not kicking you out for a random move on the floor.

The men’s bathroom has nasty photos of naked men giving an extra bit of comfort to gay partners. The women’s bathroom will most probably be covered by their sex counterpart, preferable for lesbians in zone 77.
In the menu, the wine list has 30 different booze options, while in the eatery, the baked pretzel is their signature dish. The menu is loaded with a variety of other sandwiches and burgers.

Certainly, club77 is one of the best underground techno clubs in the city. Schedule a visit to have the most pleasing experience of your lifetime. Cheers!

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