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Chinese Laundry Sydney


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Chinese Laundry Sydney, Guide & Review

If you want to get wild and crazy with your friends and you happen to be in Sydney, this is the place you want to go. Even if you are all by yourself and just want to take a day off, Chinese Laundry is where you will enjoy yourself without worrying for a chance. Everyone deserves some time to themselves, some time to forget all the worries and be in the moment. With the friendly and cooperative staff that is there to listen to you and laugh with you, this high-end underground club provides you the best experience you so desperately crave for!

What is a good nightclub without a killing DJ? With three parties going simultaneously in three rooms of this club, Chinese Laundry hosts the world’s best DJs to give you the best nightclub experience you can ask for. Club also boasts a large outdoor garden for its people to have some fresh air while they enjoy. They guarantee you the ambiance you can get comfortable in. This longest-running nightclub has installed all the latest techno, from blasting sound system to cinematic screens and sensual red lightings to set your mood for a mind-blowing experience.

When music is so upbeat, and you cannot resist but to dance, it can make you tired, but don’t worry your head about it; this club has got it handled. Unlike some other nightclubs, food is also available here from El Loco Kitchen till midnight, and if you want some exceptional experience, tables can be reserved beforehand. Opened in 1996, this club has constantly been on the top 100 clubs poll, almost every year. This vibrant party spot is open from 9 pm to 3 am on Saturdays and Fridays. Cheers!

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