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Imagine a sunny day, and you are chilling in the pool with drinks in your hand, under the shades of palm trees. DJ is playing some lit music, all the people are dancing on his beats, and when day turns into night, aesthetic lightings and fire pits turn this place into a whole new world. It sounds like heaven! Doesn’t it? This heaven is not somewhere in the space under Jupiter or Mars; it is here on Earth in Sydney, a city of music and love. This club is popularly known as IVY, an iconic destination for party-goers.

What makes it stands out from other clubs is its location. Situated on the top floors of the IVY complex is a vast entertainment spot featuring restaurants, bars, booths, multiple dance floors, cocktail lounges, an outdoor patio, and the den. This huge venue caters to all moods. If you want some poolside action, go to the rooftop pool club, but if you are in the mood for some intimate action, go to the Den. Or you just want to enjoy a skyscape with a much calmer environment; an outdoor patio is there to serve you. This vibrant place is a novel place for your special night. Take your friends there, book a booth and enjoy mouth-watering pizza with fine cocktails to relax your nerves.

This multipurpose venue is home to some of the best food in the town. With known restaurants and bars like Bar Totti’s, Felix, and Jimmy’s Falafel, Ash St. Cellar, Bar Topa, it provides you all the satisfaction you crave. The staff there is known for their friendly and comforting nature, providing the top class service from helping you choose the drink to listen to your hearts. Somedays entrance is free if you go there before 10 pm. So What are you waiting for? Pour your burdens in the pool and dance like there is no tomorrow!

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