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Wanna know how to throw the finest Colombian party? Candelaria Sydney is the place. With great Latino music from old to new, this venue is famous for its terrific choice of music! Even If you are shy to dance, this nightspot will keep your feet moving. You will be shaking that booty in no time! You will hear various musical genres from urban rhythm to traditional, including Descarga de salsa , Reggaeton, Hip hop, Latin party anthem on Fridays and Rock in Spanish, R and B, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Vallenato, Tropical Pop, and DJs on Saturdays.

The decor is resonant with a rowdy crowd, disco lights, and a first-class sound system, giving you all more reasons to enjoy. Quench your thirst with Margaritas and mojitos, and hit the floor! This vigorous club features various themed parties from rumba raves to neon nights; Candelaria has it all! Once you open the door to this bar, it will take you to South America, and you will be compelled to wiggle like no one is watching.The staff is attentive and courteous, catering to your needs every minute. Enjoy delicately cooked meringues with a great atmosphere.

No detail was spared to make this unique entertainment spot. Recognized DJs from all over the world perform here to sweep the floor off your feet. Locals and foreigners come here to witness great Latina culture and themed events that are held at the national as well as international level. Don’t forget to wear pair of your dance shoes if you are coming here! And if you arrive before 10 pm, you might also get complimentary welcome drinks. With a buzzing atmosphere, Candelaria also offers the best Mexican food in the town. Enjoy your favorite meal with tequila shots and dance to some Salsa music like there is no tomorrow!

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