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Tokyo Sing Song Sydney


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Tokyo Sing Song Sydney, Guide & Review

Looking for a chilled cocktail and a platter of chopsticks? If yes, then you might wanna stumble across this cool nightclub. Tokyo Sing Song is an energetic club present at 145 King St, Newtown. Don’t judge this club by its name; this place has got much more of Sydney than Tokyo.

The club is hard to find; no signage or billboards, the hotel stairs that go up can be mistaken with the club’s. Skip the upstairs and get downstairs. After walking down few stairs, the club starts, and so does the party. The club is famous for hosting events of various kinds. Teamed up with Kato and Tunnel signs, they bring naughty music live on Friday nights. If lucky enough, you can get a free entry pass to the event.

Tokyo Sing Song features two stages for DJs and live music which covers different genres. So if you are the kind of person who has a peculiar taste of genres, then this place for you. The club’s sound system is impressive; the bass and pith created by the DJs can initiate firing impulses through your spinal cord. The crowd is friendly and energetic, keeping the momentum going till the wee hours.

No more stress, no more reasons, just let your hair down and jiggle as if it’s your last.
On the menu, you can have holy cocktails and Japanese liquors. If hungry enough, jelly shots served in sushi-style are worth a shot. The prices are fair compared to other town clubs that take hefty entry fees with no complimentary food. You can also book a reservation for your guests or in case you don’t want to stand in a queue.
This Newtown’s small and quirky underground music cave provides an ultimate cool environment for your off days, making Newtown lively again.

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