EDM Clubs in Sydney

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Are you on the lookout for the most poppin’ Hip Hop clubs in Sydney?

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best hip hop clubs in Sydney. (More in-depth further below)

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If your interest lies in electronic dance music, then the following are the finest techno clubs in the town you might wanna visit. There is a vast amount of music to choose from within the E.D.M. that can serve and reach out to people of different tastes. We have mentioned top E.D.M. clubs with their corresponding features in one easy list for your convenience. Following clubs are well known for their trifling musical nights! Besides E.D.M., these clubs also feature other musical genres and much more for your high-energy, ultra-fun night out!

1. Chinese Laundry Sydney

If you want to get wild and crazy with your friends and you happen to be in Sydney, this is the place you want to go. Even if you are all by yourself and just want to take a day off, Chinese Laundry is where you will enjoy yourself without worrying for a chance. Everyone deserves some time to themselves, some time to forget all the worries and be in the moment. With the friendly and cooperative staff that is there to listen to you and laugh with you, this high-end underground club provides you the best experience you so desperately crave for!

2. S.A.S.H Sydney 

Looking for a party at a unique venue? Located at The Greenwood Hotel, 53 Blue Street, overlooking the glorious Sydney harbor is Sydney’s home of house music, S.A.S.H. Go by day, and you will find the most beautiful scenery, with a refreshing atmosphere, sea breeze touching you gently, the smell of luscious food, and DJ playing hard on. By night it is a whole different venue! Steezy and chill atmosphere with earsplitting music, classy lightings, and beautiful decor. With an intimate party going on within the glass wall downstairs, there is another level up, where people like to relax and enjoy the skyline and mighty sea waves. S.A.S.H hosts two parties on Sundays, 1st in the afternoon for all the natural beauty lovers and 2nd at late night for night owls. Take a sea voyage with S.A.S.H and experience a unique night of your life.

3. Civic Underground Sydney

At 388 Pitt St, below Civic hotel is this hidden treasure of Sydney, known for Australia’s best sound system and aesthetically pleasing art decor! This architectural gem in the basement of Civic hotel has the most beautiful interior in the city. It has its own bar, booth, and dance floor with neon lights, sensational LED panels, and mirror balls hanging down from the roof. Its cozy atmosphere gives sensual and sophisticated vibes. From dark techno to upbeat R and B, this venue has lots of good gigs! If you like Reggae and R n B style music and dance on electronic music, this place is your nitery!

4. Oxford Art Factory Sydney 

Are you going through a tough time? Looking for somewhere to drain your sorrows and feel alive again? Welcome to Oxford Art Factory. The club is one of the best venues in Sydney for live gigs. Witness a relaxing atmosphere with excellent sound quality and intriguing club lightings in this lively place. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Factory in New York, Oxford Art Factory has earned a reputation for showcasing the best talent with Local and International performances and hosting art exhibitions. Situated on Oxford Street, this club is a multi-functional venue with separate areas that can host multiple independent events at one time. It has a place for people of every taste.

5. Home The Venue Sydney

If you are away from home and are looking for nice homies in Sydney, then this place might hit you hard. Home the venue is a second home for all the international guys around the globe. This nightclub can be found in Darling Harbour, on the Harbourside. Home the venue usually comes with an entrance fee but can be off on events. Don’t hesitate to pay a few bucks for entrance because once entered, you will surely know how to throw a party. Divided into three floors, the view of the harbor from the floor can give you cozy vibes. International DJ’s, booming sound system, best audio-visual presentation, Certainly a “mega-club” of Sydney. If you are lucky enough, you can also get to watch the fantastic shows they host.

In Conclusion

Among the top E.D.M. clubs in Sydney, Chinese Laundry, S.A.S.H, Civic Underground, Oxford Art Factory, and Home The Venue are your go to places. Whether you are feeling down or pumped up, just convince yourself to pay a visit here, you will have a hell of a night because these clubs surely know how to throw a party. With the luxurious atmosphere and live entertainment that is sure to amuse, these above-mentioned venues will never get old!