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Best Nightclubs In Salzburg


Of course, Salzburg has a gay nightlife scene – with a populace of a
hundred and fifty thousand individuals, it’d be rather unusual if it hadn′t.
However, few bars are explicitly gay, and that they don′t necessarily goal
travelers but as alternative locals. Consequently, don’t forget the following
information expressly for worldwide LGBTQ who come to Salzburg for an
extended time frame and search for touchpoints.

1) Mexxx Gay Bar Salzburg

Mexxx Gay Bar Salzburg is One of the hottest and finest Gay clubs in Salzburg is the Mexxx Gay Bar. Believe it or not, this nightclub has brought everything for every taste. The special events and parties are just par excellence. Every night brings something new and eclectic for the guests. The special long drinks by the master-in-craft bartenders will quench your thirst while still leaving you to crave for more. You can’t make the most out of what this most heavenly and dreamlike venue has to offer.

2) Soda Club Salzburg

Soda Club Salzburg is all due to its lively and miscellaneous nightclubs. One of the finest and hottest night venues is the Soda Club. This unique and one of a kind venue is where night ever falls. The world-class performances by great artists and DJs keep the venue alive until the wee hours in the morning. The best parties and events of Salzburg happen there. You can’t relish any better drinks anywhere else. The friendly and attentive staff seems to go beyond limits in serving you the best of everything. You will get to meet your like-minded queer folks at Soda Club. We hope you will experience the ultimate fun of your life at this place. Good Luck!


While their importance is often underestimated or disregarded via
heterosexual society, bars and other institutions played a pivotal position
throughout the 20th century — specifically inside the pre-stonewall era —
as LGBT activism and network facilities. Homosexual-friendly bars are
indicated through rainbow flags at the doors, much like some other place
within the globe.