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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Salzburg

1) City Beats Salzburg

City Beats Salzburg

City Beats Salzburg is one of the finest and top of the line nightclubs, located right in the heart of Salzburg. This venue is original, special, modern, exciting, and amazing. If you are watching out for a world-class venue to spend your night at, rush to City Beats at your earliest. You will experience nothing but perfection.

2) Club Take Five Salzburg

 Club Take Five Salzburg

Club Take Five Salzburg is unique and one of a kind nightclub is located in the heart of the city. The most prominent traits of this venue are exclusivity, lifestyle, and elegance. At Club Take Five, you will get to experience all that you expect from a perfect night venue.

3) Half Moon Club Salzburg

Half Moon Club Salzburg

Half Moon Club Salzburg is wide and miscellaneous with most loved local and international DJs rocking the stage. If you want to have the most upbeat and ultimate fun of your life in Salzburg, rush to the Half Moon Club at your earliest. We hope you will experience anything but ordinary!

4) Mexxx Gay Bar Salzburg

3Stein Gaybar Salzburg

Mexxx Gay Bar Salzburg is One of the hottest and finest Gay clubs in Salzburg is the Mexxx Gay Bar. Believe it or not, this nightclub has brought everything for every taste. The special events and parties are just par excellence. Every night brings something new and eclectic for the guests. The special long drinks by the master-in-craft bartenders will quench your thirst while still leaving you to crave for more. You can’t make the most out of what this most heavenly and dreamlike venue has to offer.

5) Partymaus Salzburg

Partymaus Salzburg

Partymaus Salzburg is unique and one of a kind nightclub has established itself as one of the finest and hottest venues in the town. The best events of Salzburg happen at Partymaus.

6) Vis Á Vis Salzburg

Vis Á Vis Salzburg

Vis Á Vis Salzburg club is one of the finest cocktail bars of classic design in Salzburg. This venue is the favorite of the natives for the cozy after-work and trendy party. Thi, one of the most buzzed-about venues is where you can experience anything but ordinary from ambiance, atmosphere, DJs, music, and audience to bartenders, drinks, and girls. The special in-house cocktails are what people get most attracted to. You can’t have one single dull moment at this place. The world-class music will heat your ears. This venue is for you if you agree on nothing short of perfection. So, what are you waiting for! Get up and Go!

7) Segabar Gstättengasse Salzburg

Segabar Gstättengasse Salzburg

Segabar Gstättengasse Salzburg is venue stands for the nights with a kick in chicest atmosphere and ambiance. The world-renowned guest artists come here to play and perform. Every night brings something new and eclectic. The bar extends the most mouth-watering and thirst-quenching beverages you can hardly relish anywhere else. The prices are reasonable too. If you have not yet made it to this finest club in Salzburg, you have seen nothing that the city has to offer. So, waste no more time and rush to this ‘heaven-on-earth’. The fun of your life is looking for you there! Have Fun!

8) Soda Club Salzburg

Soda Club Salzburg

Soda Club Salzburg is all due to its lively and miscellaneous nightclubs. One of the finest and hottest night venues is the Soda Club. This unique and one of a kind venue is where night ever falls. The world-class performances by great artists and DJs keep the venue alive until the wee hours in the morning. The best parties and events of Salzburg happen there. You can’t relish any better drinks anywhere else. The friendly and attentive staff seems to go beyond limits in serving you the best of everything. You will get to meet your like-minded queer folks at Soda Club. We hope you will experience the ultimate fun of your life at this place. Good Luck!

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Does Salzburg have good nightlife?

Salzburg isn’t a big city, but the opportunities for night owls are very colorful. Whether a “night out with the guys”, a weekend of partying or a class trip – Salzburg always provides the perfect setting. Best of all: The trendy bars and authentic Irish pubs are all within safe, easy walking distance.

What is there to do in Salzburg at night?

Enjoy a romantic dinner at Panorama restaurant located at world-famous Salzburg Fortress, followed by a Best of Mozart Concert with unforgettable panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. Individual tables at dinner in the Panorama fortress restaurant!

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