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Glazart Paris, Guide & Review

Glazart is known as more of an experience, than a nightclub venue. This unique and extremely popular venue has slowly but surely crept up the ladder to reach the spot of ‘the best places to visit when in Paris’. An old bus station which has been transformed into a venue, Glazart is famous not only for hosting some of the most eventful concerts, exhibitions and parties, but also for turnings its parking lot into an artificial beach during the summers.

As if having a nightclub which supplies an endless panoply of dubstep, trance, noise, hardcore and psychedelic music to their party goers was not enough, the club also extends its parties to an outdoor clubbing venue, opening up the ‘beach side’ venue and decorating it with food trucks, sun beds, and aesthetically decorated twinkling lights under the starry night.

When in Paris, make sure to visit Glazart for a once in a lifetime experience. For those who are looking for a more relaxed, yet completely vibrant clubbing experience, Glazart is a must visit. To know all about the dress code guidelines, how to get there, and what you can expect, read on to find out all about it!

Location and how to get to Glazart
Located exactly at 7-15 avenue de la Porte de la Villette – 75019 Paris. Located at a spot which is extremely easy to access by all forms of public transport, it should be absolutely no issue reaching this famous club.

How to get there? Well, you will be pleased to find out that the easily accessible location of this beautiful club makes it easy for you to reach the club from any side, using absolutely any form of public transport.

If you decide to take a cab, you can reach Glazart from where ever you are. Of course, beware of the fact that the driver might just take you around on a ride and ring you up a larger than ordinary fare if you are not careful enough. Travel with Google maps or an ordinary map so that you know exactly what routes he is taking and how you can get there faster.

Taking the Metro line to Glazart is quite efficient. The Metro line which stops near Glazart would be Metro 4, 5 and 7.

From Place Saint Michael, you would be able to reach Glazart by hopping on to the Metro line 4 or 7. It would take you about 26 minutes to reach your destination. Take the bus 38 or Bus 54 to reach Glazart in 52 minutes.

From Carrousel de Lourve, take the Metro 7 to reach your destination in 24 minutes. By Bus 48 or Bus 54, you could reach this destination within 51 minutes.

From Place de la Bastille, you would reach Glazart by taking the Metro 5 or Metro 7 (within 23 minutes), and Bus 60 or Bus 65, (in 54 minutes).

From the spot of Walk Disney Studio Park, you could reach Glazart by Bus, Taxi, Tram and even the subway.

There are plentiful mediums by which you could reach the wonderful club Glazart. Take any form which you think is best suited for your needs and get to your destination in no time!

Dress Code & Age Requirement

Well, unlike other clubs, you don’t necessarily need to be over 18 to gain entry into this club. Glazart is not simply a nightclub, but also an exhibition venue, concert venue, and a spot where many amazing events take place throughout the year. This makes it a perfect spot for people of all ages to enjoy the experience of Glazart.

As for the dress code, the basic policy is- come as you may! Yes! You can wear absolutely whatever you wish to at Glazart club. Needless to say, when the outdoor beach venue is open during the summers, you will find many frolicking around in sun dresses, flow-y beach wear, comfortable shorts, etc. On nights when Glazart is hosting larger events, of course, people are expected to dress appropriately, i.e., smart club wear, smart casuals, etc.

Weekly Program

Glazart is open 200 days of the year, and inevitably, each day brings forth a new and exciting event. Glazart is one of those rare venues where the beach parties begin early and continue all the way up until September. From live DJ’s, to concerts, to workshops for children (yes, you can bring your children to Glazart too!), and of course, the mind blowing idea of turning an old bus station into a nightclub, Glazart has it all.

There are various exciting events going on all throughout the year. It is best to visit the official Glazart website, or simply hop on to their Facebook page so that you can find out everything about the events that are about to take place. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the must visit events or concerts happening at Glazart.

Music Style 

Probably one of the more versatile clubs that you will find in Paris, Glazart offers everything from Disco, to jazz, however, what the club is most renowned for is their sick beats going all the way from Dubstep, to trance, Hardcore, new hip hop, death, minimal, and post punk. Yes, the music goes all the way from one end of the spectrum to the other, with many genres in between also being played here!

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

While many of the events have a free entry fee, typically you would need to pay about 8 to 15 Euros for other types of concerts or events. However, keep in mind that most of the time, there will be no entry fee. It is best to check up online about it.

Having said that, it is always best to book your tickets for an event online, because otherwise you can expect to wait in line for at least an hour! Yes, this place really gets that crowded!

Having your name up on the Guest List will always be to your advantage, of course, remember to make your appearance early, a little before opening hours, so that you don’t have to fuss with the long queue.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

Booking a VIP table will ensure that you and your friends get some place to lounge after being on your feet all night. Of course, the sun beds are always there for when you need to lounge with a drink in hand and your feet in the sand.

Bottle service is probably one of the cheapest that you will find in the entire city, with one bottle only costing you about 80 Euros! So opting for bottle service at Glazart would definitely make you feel fancy, without actually running a hole through your wallet!

Drink Prices

You will probably not find any other club to be as reasonable as Glazart! While maybe you might not find some of the most exquisite cocktails in the city at Glazart, you can just as easily enjoy a nice glass of wine for about 3 to 4 Euros and their cocktails for about 8 Euros.

Our Recommendations

The most important advice that you can get for this club is to probably book your tickets in advance and have them handy to show to security when needed. This way, you won’t have to wait in line for an hour or so.

Opting for the bottle service at this club is also a good idea, because you will find that it is reasonably cheaper as compared to most other Parisian clubs.

Be sure to always check the online schedule before you drop in to Glazart Club. This club is known most widely for its genre of music, which goes from heavy metal, to dubstep, trance, psychedelic, new nip hop, hardcore, death, post punk and minimal. While you might enjoy a few of these, it is not necessary that you will enjoy the other kinds as well. So it is always best to check the online schedule before you visit Glazart.

Glazart is one of the few clubs in the city which actually remains open till about 7 am in the morning. This means that you will enjoy an exhausting night of eating, drinking and of course, dancing to the repetitive beats of your favorite genre. It is always advisable to take a taxi home from the club (if you happen to leave during the wee hours of the morning). This is simply a little safety precaution, as you run the risk of having your wallet stolen from you if you happen to take the subway or the tram and fall asleep after your exhausting night!

One of the rare and most loved things about Glazart is that it is one of the only places in Paris where you can actually enjoy a night under the stars. Simply head on out to the artificial beach with your drink, sink your feet into the sand, and delve into the music, lights and the ambience of Glazart.

Well, that’s about it! Now that you know everything you have to about Glazart, be sure to check up their schedule and visit!


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