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Ground Zero Nightclub Minneapolis, Guide & Review

Ground Zero is a dance nightclub located in Minneapolis, United States. It’s a hangout with a gothic, horror-inspired atmosphere featuring dancing, plus bondage shows. Fridays at Ground Zero NightClub  features a rotating schedule of themed dance nights ranging from the fire and aerial acts of the Forbidden Bazaar, local and national DJ talent on the heavy dance nights of Rapture, to retro and cosplay evenings. 

In the Main room there is a dance floor of Bondage a Go Go featuring a mix of industrial, hard electronic, and grinding music with immersive videos played by a rotating collection of featured DJs. The Chapel participates in bondage performance or observe from our spacious pew-style seating. The Chapel even has its own bar so you needn’t go far for refreshment!

The dancersAn integral part of the atmosphere of Ground Zero is our go-go dancers. Not only has go-go dancing been part of the underground club scene since its origins in the 1960’s, but having dancers around to entertain can often also break that “I don’t want to be the only person dancing” ice.

Our dedicated dancers rotate each week to keep the vibe always fresh and full of energy. The DJ plays a great mix of pop music, awesome live performances, amazing atmosphere, amazing staff with attentive service, and great friendly crowd. 

Disc Jockeys, Music Slingers, Aural Curators- whatever you prefer to call them, Ground Zero hosts a variety of rotating musical hosts from night to night. While each of the folks that play music share a love of darker electronic music, every person who plays has their own particular taste and unique musical sensibility that they share with you on the dance floor.

Absolutely fantastic place! See you tonight for an amazing night out!

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