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HARLEM Tokyo, Guide & Review

Harlem nightclub is the place to be on your night out in Tokyo. Since opening its doors in 1997, HARLEM has continued to support the hip-hop scene in Japan as the “holy land of hip-hop,” and has evolved into a name which is known today both at home and abroad. Calling the lineup of DJs commanding our incredible dance floor the best in the country for a hip-hop club would not be an exaggeration. If you want to see B-boys and fly girls shaking’ it, as well as some of Japan’s up-and-coming MCs, this is the spot. The tunes are basically straight-up rap with a little R&B mixed in. DJ Hazime and other well-known Japanese spinners often play here.Since its opening in 1997, HARLEM is well known as an “Icon” or “The holy land” of Japanese HIP HOP nightclubs not only in Japan but all over the world today. It is not too much to say that DJs at HARLEM who hype up incredible dance floors as for HIP HOP club are the greatest DJs in Japan. One of the appeals of experiencing a real HIP HOP party is booking DJs and artists from overseas regularly. With more than one hundred and sixty thousand visitors coming throughout the year, our biggest draw is not only regular parties but also we have many indispensable Japanese HIP HOP events.

Onlookers can expect multiple floors of club action in the forms of a DJ based dance room, a stage for live performances, and bar/lounge spaces. It also helps to have a female in your group, as the doormen are notorious for denying entry to groups of all male foreigners. Good clubbing atmosphere, entry covered one free drink, mixed crowd of locals and tourists… The decor isn’t all of that but the music is pretty impressive.

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