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Tokyo Loose, Guide & Review

Are you after having a great and everlasting night out in Tokyo? Then Tokyo is the nightclub to be. Tokyo is known as a city that never sleeps, with plenty of great places to get your groove on. The staff is so much fun. Service is fast and efficient. Hookah was really good, the flavor was on point and they put ice in the hookah (on request)for me to make it taste more fresh because I like it to be cool. Drinks are poured heavily and it’s the best pricing and Music and drinks are so fun.

Tokyo Loose is a late night spot. Best times are Friday & Saturday after 12:00. The staff are friendly and there’s lots of girls. I definitely recommend checking it out. Also drinks are cheap and music requests are accepted by the DJ. A good place to have fun.their staff’s are good, honest and friendly. I recommend this place as the best place for your night out. You will ultimately encounter the nicest people and awesome dance scene with a large liquor selection, hookah/shisha, darts, and free Wi-Fi ! It is ultimately good during the late night hours. It’s in a very safe location, across from the Kabukicho Police Station, behind the Hotel Gracery/Godzilla building and it’s highly recommended. Tokyo loose is usually frequented by foreigners and tourists eager to have a good time. Clubbers dance until the wee hours with people from Kenya, Nepal, Barcelona and the occasional Japanese who wants to have fun.

Wear your best attire for your night out and drop at Tokyo loose. We assure you the most worthwhile experience. You will dance to your favorite music with a spacious dance floor to dance until the wee hours of the night.

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