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Are you looking for the best Hip-Hop party in Barcelona? You’re landed in the right place! Hip Hop lovers are spoiled in Barcelona, with plenty of the capital’s best-known venues hosting regular parties to celebrate the genre. Barcelona clubs usually combine the best Hip Hop tracks with RnB music.
Here are the best Hip Hop parties and clubs in the city of Barcelona for you and your friends: Shoko Barcelona ,Otto Zutz Barcelona Hip Hop Party, Pacha Barcelona Club, Jamboree Barcelona Hip Hop Party club, W Hotel Barcelona – Eclipse Hip Hop Party, Carpe Diem Barcelona Hip Hop Party, Bling Bling in Barcelona is a high class Hip hop club, Jamboree is a Hip hop club, Catwalk Barcelona and Opium Barcelona.

1.Opium Barcelona

Opium Barcelona

Are you addicted to Opium, already? That same heavy-scented, reddish-brown, addictive drug which is an instant narcotic. Some of you must have while others not. However, our ‘Opium’ nightclub is a place which everyone will surely get addicted to after visiting it for once. Opium is an enchanting place to be at. Every night, there is a plethora of wonderful chic and sublime crowd from all over the world. 

2. Catwalk Barcelona

Catwalk Barcelona

One venue; three ambiences. Catwalk Club, Barcelona is the perfect elixir of beauty, passion, taste and style. Located at the mysterious enclave in Marina Village, Barcelona, Catwalk Club attracts the chicest of crowds of the city with its whiffs of elegance and standard. With a carnival theme party, Catwalk has 3 different rooms set perfectly for different moods and needs. 

3. Jamboree Barcelona

Jamboree Barcelona

Jamboree Club has been around for half a century now, becoming a part of Barcelona’s rich heritage and culture. A dynamic venue which has stayed open every night of the year since its conception in 1960, Jamboree Club is a living culture of Barcelona. Located in the popular district of La Rambla, Jamboree Club is filled with international music, hip hop and R&B. The club finds itself filled to the brim on most nights; with the entrance fees being so minimal and the performances being optimal! 

4. Bling Bling Barcelona

Bling Bling Barcelona

The popular club, Bling Bling situated in uptown Barcelona, Carrer de Tuset is notorious for its glamour and luxuriousness, attracting the sophisticated, posh crowd into its gleaming ambience.

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In Conclusion

Barcelona is a Hip Hop Party City If you want to spend a fun night dancing to the best current Hip Hop music. It has luxurious clubs that you can find right on the beach of the port area in Barcelona. Indeed Barcelona has gained the reputation as one of the most recognized, acclaimed and anticipated Hip-Hop clubs with best acclaimed international musicians. In Barcelona you are certainly guaranteed a great time.

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