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Barcelona is one of the best cities with the best electronic music venues in Europe. Keep reading for our pick of the best clubs in Barcelona. As an ultra touristic city, there’s no such thing as an off-night in the Barcelona clubbing world. Many of the clubs are open every single night. And like most European cities, electronic dance music (EDM) is very popular. The big name DJs that tend to come here are from Techno.
If you’re an avid clubber looking for the finest techno music  this is your list. Here’s our selection of the best electro clubs to dance the night away in a simple or “underground” setting. Input High Fidelity Dance Club, Nitsa Club, Pacha Barcelona, La Terrazza nightclub, Razzmatazz nightclub, This Side Up Club, Macarena Club, The Garage of  The Bass Valley, Moog Club, City Hall Club, The Club M7, R33, The Red 58 and Laut.

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1. Input Barcelona

Input is much more than just any other night club; Input is a safe space for individuality, uniqueness and spontaneity. Input is the venue where art, music, performances, and uniqueness swish about in an elixir, creating a completely different world within these four walls. Input Club creates an interactive session with its crowds instead of just presenting the services of a regular night club; which is music and alcohol. This club in Barcelona has become popular for being a space where fashion style and elegance are not given as much importance as uniqueness, good quality, and an amazing, one of a kind taste in things.

2. Pacha Barcelona

Pacha, located at a unique and privileged site in a first row right in front of the sea, is one of the most paramount leisure areas of the city. It is one of the most admired and well-known clubs around the world. It is open every day throughout the week and brings the most famous national and international musicians, DJ’s, and artists to play and perform. Lighting and ambiance are beyond perfect. Here, you will get to meet the locals as well as visitors around the globe.

3. Razzmatazz Barcelona

A club of epic proportions, Razzmatazz is an iconic venue of alternative culture in Barcelona, welcoming young and varied crowds; both local and international. Set up in a former factory, Razzmatazz, with its 60 foot high ceilings, huge dance floors, and not two, not three, but five different rooms, this club satisfies musical tastes of all kinds. The five different rooms are divided up to cater to different genres, however, on some nights, all five rooms and mashed up into one, huge, party venue.

4. Macarena Club Barcelona

Located next to La Ramblas in Barcelona, Macarena is a highly prestigious club which welcomes some of the most elite crowds of the city. The club has a very warm atmosphere which feels welcoming to all kinds of music lovers. Now known as one of the best and most popular electronic music clubs in the city, Macarena Club is a small, yet salient nightclub venue in Barcelona.

In Conclusion

Parties here are fun, given that the people are friendly and the drinks are strong and cheap. In the past few years, Barcelona has become a central part of Europe’s techno scene, with a handful of artists and labels moving to the city

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