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Hip hop is one of the hottest, most popular music genres of 2020. Everybody from party animals and college nerds to your casual Friday hangout group listens to hip hop on a daily. Even though we don’t want to admit it – being part of the somewhat overdone and slightly-but-still-not-so overrated hip hop culture – we all secretly love it and can’t live without it. Besides, if you’ve ever tried to dance or sing along to hip hop, you know exactly how addictive it is. The catchy lyrics, the tunes that get stuck in your head and the sick bars, leave nothing behind to lack. And all the while in Birmingham, some of the hottest nightclubs party to hip hop anthems every night! Now if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can bet you’re missing out on the city’s hottest scene. But you don’t have to anymore!

Planning to go out clubbing for the night but confused about where to go? This is our ultimate rundown and review of the best hip hop clubs in Birmingham, categorized based on factors such as popularity, cost, location, dress code, and more! Now all you have to do is pick one.

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1. Bambu

Bambu Birmingham

If you want to go fancy for the night, Bambu is the club to be at! It has regular in-house DJs, special guests and a 900 person capacity. It even has the finery and plush interior to match! This happens to be a club where the booths are velvet-lux, the rooms are boudoir themed and as if to top it all of, there await some glorious Buddha statues that stand on either side to greet you. Private booths ensure that you can hang out with your friends without being disturbed. However, if you want to take the party outside, Bambu also offers a Moroccan themed garden perfect for the job.  Overall, its London-esque design has a stylish elegance about it that gives you the choice to either sit back and chill out or step out on the dance floor and let yourself lose.

2. Rosies

Rosies is a nightclub in Birmingham that offers all night partying and tasty cocktails. The club has five rooms that span across two whole floors, with something different for customers to enjoy in each room.The first room has a bar that offers various martinis and mojito cocktails, while also having a five-hour happy hour with drinks at half price. In addition, the next room is an Asian inspired room with VIP booths and oriental cocktails for a more sophisticated vibe. The retro room plays a collection of throwback hits and party songs. Moreover, the vault room provides an urban vibe with RnB tracks
playing and hidden VIP booths to look over the dancefloor. The last room, Rosies laundry, has its own secret bar. In addition, a beer garden is also present.

3. Suki10c

This nightclub is located in the heart of Birmingham’s clubbing and music scene. It can only house 150 partygoers at a time, but it makes up for the small space with the cool party atmosphere. Moreover, the club provides a cozy environment with stained glass windows and artwork done by local artists. In addition, this club is also known for its rocking tunes, that range from house, all the way to chill reggae. The beer barrel seats also provide a more laid back and chill atmosphere. Furthermore, the drinks are also pocket-friendly, which makes this club perfect for students on a night out. A dancefloor is also available for partygoers to dance their nights away.

4. Nightingale

The Nightingale Club is located in the heart of Gay Village in Birmingham. It is considered the premium gay superclub. This venue has three floors, offering cheesy classics as well as house favorite. Furthermore, the VIP booth at Nightingale offers people to sit right next to the lively dancefloors, filled with dancing people. In addition, the club also offers a special drink. It also has entry packages for customers to enjoy on special occasions, such as birthdays. Moreover, Saturdays at this venue tend to get steamy, with fire breathers, go-go boys and girls, DJs playing funky tracks and much more. This is why Saturdays at Nightingale might possibly be Birmingham’s biggest and wildest evenings.

5. Be At One

Be At One is a London bar that just opened their doors for the people of Birmingham. It is located in the heart of Birmingham and has a license to party into the early hours of the morning. Furthermore, the nightclub has an impressive lineup of DJs, ready to play your favorite tunes. In addition, the nightclub also has a wide variety of drinks with clever names, which are very pocket-friendly. This makes this nightclub the perfect spot for students to party with their friends. Be At One also offers a cocktail masterclass for those who wish to learn the art of cocktail-making. Lastly, the dress code for entrance is smart casual, and the age limit for entrance is 18 and above.

6. The Institute

This club is one of Birmingham’s prominent music and club venues, in Digbeth. It first opened its doors in 1955 and had a Victorian influence. Furthermore, it has hosted famous artists such as Rita Ora during energetic live gigs. In addition, you can also enjoy your favorite tunes with the help of a live DJ. The Institute also holds regular club nights and has four different areas inside the club to hold a wide variety of people, which consists of the auditorium, the library, the temple bar and the VIP area for more intimate parties. This makes The Institute the perfect spot for all types of partygoers and hence makes it worth the visit.

7. Tunnel

The Tunnel Club is an underground club located in Birmingham and has a very lively environment. The club has seven different rooms filled with loud music and partygoers enjoying to the fullest. Furthermore, the club also has an expert lighting effects system to provide the perfect clubbing environment for people. This club is the perfect place to enjoy a night out with friends after a long, tiring day. The musical genres range from house, techno to disco, hip-hop and even k-pop. These musical changes will keep you interested and wanting more. The entrance fee is £10 before midnight, and no
specific dress code is needed to enter the club. However, the age limit for entrance is 18 and above.

In Conclusion

Oh come on, you know you love hip hop too! So stop missing out on the weekends’ hottest club nights. Just dress up in a chic outfit and go out while the night is still young. These Birmingham clubs are not about to disappoint you. Don’t think about it, just do it!