Salsa/Latin Clubs in Birmingham

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the Salsa/Latin clubs in Birmingham. (More in-depth further below)

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The concept of salsa, both as music and dance, has always been the epitome of what’s classy and fun. A unique genre of music, Salsa was created by New York Puerto Ricans in the 1960s, strongly influenced by the Afro-Cuban son, African American jazz, and Puerto Rican musical traditions. It occasionally incorporates elements of R&B, and funk too. It can be recognized by its rhythm, which is based on the Latin beat called the ‘clave’. The history aside, it also happens to be one of the most fun music genres to party and dance to! And Birmingham has several clubs that have regular salsa themed nights that know just how to tickle your fancy.

Meanwhile, with the likes of Luis Fonsi and Pitbull, Latin music has always been the most fun genre of music. It’s almost impossible to stay still when the lyrics are Latin and the beat is catchy. Birmingham has a variety of clubs that integrate Latin music into their playlists and it’s the perfect way to wind down after a long week. So if you’re looking for some casual entertainment and a chill night with your friends, these clubs will do the trick!

Planning to go out clubbing for the night but confused about where to go? This is our ultimate rundown and review of the best Salsa/Latin clubs in Birmingham, categorized based on factors such as popularity, cost, location, dress code, and more! Now all you have to do is pick one.

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1. The Jam House

The Jam House Birmingham

The Jam House is located inside a traditional and historic Georgian building in the heart of The Jewelry Quarter of Birmingham, with an aesthetic view of St Paul’s Square. This club offers a unique combination of live music, acoustic nights and a delicious menu. The venue is said to have an intimate musical history. It was carefully put together by the infamous music artist Jools Holland and designer Neil Tibbatt. Primarily serving as an unplugged live location, most nights are a musical blend of jazz, rock, and blues. But the Jam House also has regular Latin and salsa influenced club nights, which are perfect for a night of dancing and fun.

Moreover, even though they have an impressive 600 people capacity, their popular balcony tables need to be booked in advance; these tables overlook the main stage and are the prime location to sit at.

2. Rosies

Rosies is a nightclub in Birmingham that offers all night partying and tasty cocktails. The club has five rooms that span across two whole floors, with something different for customers to enjoy in each room.The first room has a bar that offers various martinis and mojito cocktails, while also having a five-hour happy hour with drinks at half price. In addition, the next room is an Asian inspired room with VIP booths and oriental cocktails for a more sophisticated vibe. The retro room plays a collection of throwback hits and party songs. Moreover, the vault room provides an urban vibe and the last room, Rosies laundry, has its own secret bar. In addition, a beer garden is also present.

3. Zara’s Bar & Nightclub

Zara's Bar & Nightclub Birmingham

Zara’s Bar Grill and Nightclub has everything you want in a night out with friends: a sleek dance floor, some delicious food, sufficient security measures, a bar with a variety of fine drinks, and of course, a range of good music. Located on Broad Street, Zara’s is one of Birmingham’s most popular nightspots to hang out at. In fact, it’s the very night life at this club that attracts so many people and makes them want to come back. When you’re in the mood to party, a good environment can go a long way in determining the kind of night you end up having. And Zara’s Bar Grill and Nightclub specifically claims to have a relaxed and sophisticated environment. Moreover, their bouncers ensure that everybody is safe inside. Hence, it’s not a bad place to spend your Saturday night at!

In Conclusion

Ever had Despacito stuck in your head? You’re not the only one! When the mood is right and all you want to do is to get down and dirty to some smooth Latin music, what better place to be at than a club? We’ve shortlisted the top Salsa/Latin clubs of Birmingham for you and and now all you have to do is choose one and go out for a night of fun!