Hip Hop Clubs in London

You’ll be aware that London is famous for its nightlife. But if you are someone looking for places to dance to Hip Hop in London, then this article is for you. 

We have considered all clubs in London and have come up with this top 7 shortlist of places that play mainly hip hop. So you don’t have to. Whichever club you want to go to, just click on the listing window to check our access options, whether you’d like discounted entry or a big bottle service night out, we have you covered. 

Without further ado:

1. Libertine by Chinawhite

Libertine by Chinawhite

Chinawhite was all the rage back in the day; it was the club you had to be at if you were someone who enjoyed the party scene. However, Chinawhite has rebranded itself into Libertine and now it is bigger and better. The club previously had an Asian vibe but it is completely a different atmosphere now. The club has three very different vibes for three different sections.

2. Drama


Drama Club exudes sophistication, class and glamour. It is designed to provide an ultimate experience to party lovers who want to spend the night in style. Once inside, expect the unexpected, the unlimited fun and the unpredictable drama that it brings until wee hours of the next morning. 

3. The Jazz Cafe

The Jazz Cafe

An intimate little venue for hosting  all kinds of performances, Jazz Café is a cozy venue located in London which has become quite popular ever since its inception in the 1990s. Jazz Café is now known as an award-winning venue for hosting all kinds of live events, however, you will find the natural style of this club to be leaning more towards Jazz and other eclectic music tastes



Located on Cowper Street in London, Xoyo Club is an old night club which has been refurbished to create this highly aesthetic, artsy night club. This night club has won awards for being one of the top nightclubs in the world, so you can guess the immense popularity of the venue! The night club is spread over two floors, the main underground room and a smaller space upstairs known as the Green Room.

5. Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu

A massive venue for all occasions, Shaka Zulu is a restaurant/bar that opened its doors to the public last 2010. With a magnificent 27,000 sq ft of floor area, it can accommodate up to 850 people. Be in the Shaka Zulu Guestlist for any occasion, be it private parties, corporate meetings, or birthdays and alike.

6. Piccadilly Institute

Piccadilly Institute

This super-sized, super eccentric, super fun party venue has a collection of 6 rooms, each with a completely different persona of its own. Of course, you might have heard of many clubs with multiple rooms, but each of the rooms at Piccadilly Institute has their very own cocktail menu!

7. Opium 


Following on from the hugely successful Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella, London is the first international Opium venture. From dining in their incredible Modern European cuisine restaurant with DJ’s creating the perfect ambience, visiting the lounge bar for fantastic cocktails or partying until late in the nightclub Opium London will have something to suit your ideal evening. 

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In Conclusion

As you can see, the hip-hop scene is well established in London. There is a club for everyone no matter what type of vibe you enjoy. Intimate settings for laid-back nights or raging clubs for the ultimate party. Some of these places have won awards for being the best nightclubs. Their bars are also well-stacked and service is always on-point. The best DJs and artists from the hip-hop scene perform at these venues. If you’re new to the city or just visiting, make sure to check out one of these places

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