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Hip hop music might have started out in the United States but it has since then made it’s way to every continent around the world. Because of the music’s mass appeal, a lot of people choose hip hop as their preferred choice of music when they go out for a night of partying. Which is why a lot of clubs around the world play a healthy amount of hip hop. And clubs in New Castle are no different; a lot of them play hip hop in their nightly music playlist. So keep on reading to find out the best place to go if you’re in the mood for hip hop music on your night out clubbing.

We have searched for and looked at all the clubs in the city to find the top 7 hip hop clubs in Newcastle. So don’t worry about anything but choosing the club you want to party at! We have all the information you will need for a fun night out; the cost, the location, the dress code and more!

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1. Digital


Digital is the perfect place to go clubbing in Newcastle. It hosts a variety of famous DJ artists and ensures that their customers enjoy a night of partying. Moreover, the club has four floors that all have the finest dance floors to motivate you to dance the night away. In addition, the club also hosts various themed nights such as Digital Mondays and Rebel Thursdays, with rock music playing in the latter to add to the theme. However, the music playing constantly throughout the club includes party mash-ups, house, and electro-pop songs.

2. The Cut

The Cut

The Cut is Newcastle’s answer to alternative clubs in the area. The vibe of the club is deliberately of a loft party in New York that you happen to stumble upon. The club attracts a younger crowd of both college students and young professionals. They play the latest hits as well as some old classics thrown into the mix. The dress code is chic and hip but is not strictly enforced. They have a great drinks menu to choose from and their bartenders can whip up almost anything you desire.

3. Tup Tup Palace

Tup Tup Palace

Tup Tup Palace is a luxurious nightclub that is famous for being a unique mix of bohemian vibes and eastern interior. This club resides in the heart of town and provides customers with indoor waterfalls, exclusive table service among many more. In addition, the club is almost always packed till 3 am, and all floors are filled. The playlist in this club varies from RnB, hip hop to house and electro, depending on the day you visit.

4. Floritas


Floritas is possibly one of the most happening nightclubs in the city. It’s theme is that of a Miami bar and it does not disappoint. The drinks menu is quite exotic and matches the vibe of the place; casual Miami. The dress code is semi-formal but isn’t strictly enforced. You can choose to have small private parties at Floritas in one of their private rooms or book the entire venue for a big blow out! The price range is pretty mid tier and they have great party deals for bigger groups of people which you can pre-book and save a fortune on.

5. Powerhouse


Powerhouse has been around since the late 90s and has always served as a safe space for people of all sexual orientation. The club has a strict no judgement policy which they enforce on patrons. You can express yourself however you please. Powerhouse has tons of fun events going on all the time including drag shows and more. The dress code is chic and casual; the crowd usually is well dressed. The drinks menu is extensive and the bartenders incredibly talented at their jobs. The vibe of the club is pretty modern.

6. Madame Koo

Madame Koo

Madame Koo is the perfect place to get drinks surrounded by oriental décor and jumping music. In addition, the club also has no rules and focuses on having a good time with the alcohol flowing. Moreover, this club provides a speakeasy vibe with hidden caves and tunnels, as well as booths and tables. Moreover, the dance floor also motivates people to come and dance their nights away. In addition, the playlist of this club includes old school classics on Fridays and anything else between hip hop, dance and indie on Saturday. 

7. House of Smith

House of Smith

Jalou is a unique club that offers theatrical and experimental cocktails for you. All their cocktails are made with the finest spirits with a unique twist. Moreover, the venue itself attracts a large crowd of people that are excited to try these sophisticated and tasty cocktails. In addition, the daily happy hour for drinks is between 4 pm to 7 pm. Furthermore, the weekends in this club include a party atmosphere with the resident DJs playing top tracks so you can party all night long.

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In Conclusion

Hip hop is some of the most dance worthy music out there and if you think so too, you definitely need to check the clubs in our list out!

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