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House Music requires a crucial skill that some performers fail to deliver. So if you are a fan of House Music and looking for someplace to feel its legit beats, then keep perusing. The following list includes the information of the authentic House Music clubs in a beautiful city, Montreal.  Besides this particular genre, these clubs also offer some of the other delicious musical genres, live gigs, bars, and just the suitable space to hang out with your friends. Best of luck!

1. Stereo Montreal

Stereo Montreal

Stereo is the hot spot for international DJs to come and share their music with the crowd. The music played in this club consists mainly of techno beats that play all night long. Moreover, the soundproof walls in the club and a large dance floor create the perfect environment to enjoy loud music and tasty drinks all night long. This nightclub is the perfect spot to enjoy some hardcore partying in the heart of the Gay Village. In addition, the club remains open from Sunday to Tuesday, ensuring your party and party hard. Furthermore, the club also has a casual dress code policy. Tickets for entry can be purchased online or from various locations nearby.

2. La Voûte Montreal

La Voûte Montreal

La Voûte is a sophisticated club located in Montreal’s first skyscraper, in the vault of the old Royal Bank. This actual vault/club is the perfect place if you enjoy sophistication and mystery. The furniture consists of black velour benches, tall arched ceilings that provide the perfect backdrop. Moreover, the club also has an elegant bar providing tasty and sophisticated, yet expensive drinks. A dance floor is also present for partygoers to dance. In addition, the club also hosts DJs who keep the environment energetic with their loud and energetic tracks such as EDM and party mashups, motivating you to dance the night away. Lastly, the club is open from 10 pm to 3 am on weekends.

3. Unity Montreal

Unity Montreal

Unity is a club that is located in the heart of Montreal’s gay village. This club has two rooms, a VIP lounge as well as a large terrace on the roof for an airy night. Furthermore, this club is the type of place where you can enjoy the night with friends in a fun and festive environment. Moreover, the club attracts a large crowd of diverse people who have one sole reason to gather; party. In addition, the club offers different styles of music on each floor, as well as varying entertainments on different nights of the week. Furthermore, the club also has a casual dress code policy, so come easy and party easy.

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In Conclusion

As mentioned above, House music clubs in Montreal offer a promising night and a great place to drain your worries. Had a hectic day? Visit any of these welcoming spots and let us know if it helped. 

These electrifying venues have much more to offer than just music. Don’t sit back, get a skilfully curated glass of cocktail or a jug of cold beer and let loose!


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