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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Montreal

1) Complexe Sky Montreal

Complexe Sky Montreal is the biggest gay club in Canada and has 4 floors that all play different genres of music on each floor, along with a rooftop terrace with a pool and hot tub. In addition, it is also open all seven nights of the week. In addition, this large club also has a small restaurant and bar that offers the tastiest food and drinks. Furthermore, the club also has its own space where resident DJs cater to the crowd and provide groovy tunes to ensure they party and dance their nights away. The décor of this club screams elegance and sophistication with a dash of funky. Furthermore, the club has also maintained an international image, making it the ultimate place to visit when in Canada.

2) Club Electric Avenue Montreal

Club Electric Avenue Montreal is a club that is located in the heart of Montreal’s downtown. It is one of the most trendy and fun clubs in the city. Moreover, the music played in this club ranges from the 80s and 90s hit music as well as chart-toppers to get you in the groove to party all night long. In addition, the club also has eccentric lighting to promote the club vibe to a completely new level. This club would be the perfect place to hold corporate parties or private events in the VIP area. In addition, the décor also screams sophistication and elegance, with the backdrop of classic 80s music. Lastly, the club remains open from 10 pm to 3 am from Friday to Saturday.

3) La Voûte Montreal

La Voûte Montreal  is a sophisticated club located in Montreal’s first skyscraper, in the vault of the old Royal Bank. This actual vault/club is the perfect place if you enjoy sophistication and mystery. The furniture consists of black velour benches, tall arched ceilings that provide the perfect backdrop. Moreover, the club also has an elegant bar providing tasty and sophisticated, yet expensive drinks. A dance floor is also present for partygoers to dance. In addition, the club also hosts DJs who keep the environment energetic with their loud and energetic tracks such as EDM and party mashups, motivating you to dance the night away. Lastly, the club is open from 10 pm to 3 am on weekends.

4) Banq Montreal

Banq Montreal is a club that is located in the trendy yet historic area of Old Montreal. This Russian themed nightclub is covered in click décor that screams sophistication and elegance. Furthermore, the club also has one of the best sound systems in the whole of North America. In addition, the music playing in this club also plays DJ mashups and mixes from the top DJs in Montreal. You can experience live performances of international artists as well. They also promote the freshest sounds of house and electronic music. In addition, the club also has a strict dress code policy and encourage customers to wear dressy attire to fully indulge in this sophisticated Russian nightclub.

5) Flyjin Montreal

Flyjin Montreal is a chic Asian restaurant cum nightclub located in the heart of Old Montreal. This club eludes sophistication and mystery, a lethal combination. Moreover, the bar in this club offers a variety of Japanese whiskeys and beers, as well as Asian themed cocktails. Furthermore, at the stroke of 11 pm, the restaurant transforms into a club that welcomes a crowd that is ready to party. The underground space provides the perfect backdrop with elegant furniture and a large dancefloor. Moreover, the club remains open from Wednesdays to Saturdays. Lastly, the music played in this club ranges from DJ nights and their mixes, chart-toppers, as well as performances by local and international artists.

6) Newspeak Montreal

Newspeak Montreal is the best club if you are looking to party with some great EDM music in the background, coupled with a comparatively intimate setting. In addition to the cozy environment of this club, one should also take notice of the price of the drinks in this club, as they are extremely cheap and tasty.  Moreover, the club also provides a great space to relax in between dances. Another interesting thing to notice about the club is the ceiling itself, that lights up as the room grows darker and the beat drops. Visiting this club is definitely worth a try, and will leave your mind in a trance-like state. Lastly, the timings of this club go on from 10 pm to 3 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

7) Foufounes Electriques Montreal

Foufounes Electriques Montreal club is one of Montreal’s best alternative venue and bar since 1983. One of the most distinguishing features of this club is the large spider climbing the club’s exterior wall. Furthermore, this three-storied club includes dance floors, pool tables and much more to promote a fun environment. In addition, the club has also set a stage for bands to come and perform, as well as a DJ booth. An outdoor patio is also available for customers to enjoy on hot summer nights. In addition, the music playing in this club ranges from punk, metal, hardcore as well as electronic. Many famous bands have also come to perform at this venue; they include Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana and many more.

8) Jet Montreal

Jet Montreal is set in the heart of Montreal’s entertainment district. This club has gained a reputation as one of the most epic spots in the whole city. Moreover, the club spreads out over two floors. The first floor consists of a large dance floor, two long bars, elegant VIP tables, and a DJ booth, so partygoers can enjoy all night. The second floor consists of more extended bars and VIP seating areas for a more intimate affair. Moreover, the club has a modern and elegant décor. In addition, the music played in this club range from House, RnB, chart-toppers, and mash-ups, as well as DJ mixes. Furthermore, the club also has events like ‘Jet-set Saturdays’ to engage with the partygoers.

9) Peopl Montreal

Peopl Montreal is famous for hosting some of the wildest nights in the city of Montreal. This underground club gets packed every weekend and is filled with partygoers. In addition, their themed seasonal nights have been a big hit with the crowd, especially the costumes rule. Furthermore, the club has its own customized sound system that plays the best tunes in order to get the crowd dancing all night long. The music playing in this club ranges from local as well as international music. Moreover, the club is also a mature club, with people coming in between the ages of 25-50. The club remains open from 10 pm to 3 am. Lastly, the club can host almost 500 people so it is the perfect place to go out with friends after a long week.

10) Stereo Montreal

Stereo Montreal is the hot spot for international DJs to come and share their music with the crowd. The music played in this club consists mainly of techno beats that play all night long. Moreover, the soundproof walls in the club and a large dance floor create the perfect environment to enjoy loud music and tasty drinks all night long. This nightclub is the perfect spot to enjoy some hardcore partying in the heart of the Gay Village. In addition, the club remains open from Sunday to Tuesday, ensuring your party and party hard. Furthermore, the club also has a casual dress code policy. Tickets for entry can be purchased online or from various locations nearby.

11) Salsathèque Montreal

Salsathèque Montreal is one of the oldest salsa clubs in the city of Montreal. It became popular again when famous band Arcade Fire played there in 2013. This club has Latin American disco decorations all around. It also has neon palm trees and mirrors. Moreover, the music playing in this club consists of live salsa, merengue, and bachata tracks to create the perfect Latin American vibes. In addition, the drinking packages are also quite affordable as well as tasty, keep a lookout for the drinking special on ‘Crazy Party Thursdays’. Furthermore, the club also has a large dance floor so you can dance the night away to salsa music.

12) Unity Montreal

Unity Montreal is a club that is located in the heart of Montreal’s gay village. This club has two rooms, a VIP lounge as well as a large terrace on the roof for an airy night. Furthermore, this club is the type of place where you can enjoy the night with friends in a fun and festive environment. Moreover, the club attracts a large crowd of diverse people who have one sole reason to gather; party. In addition, the club offers different styles of music on each floor, as well as varying entertainments on different nights of the week. Furthermore, the club also has a casual dress code policy, so come easy and party easy.

13) Soubois Montreal

Soubois Montreal is a combination of a supper club, nightclub, and a speakeasy, all in one venue. The concept of this club stems from a forest theme and is quite popular amongst the downtown crowd. The club remains open for food during the day. However, once the night sets in, the tables are replaced with the resident DJs of the club who provide great tunes for the remaining of the night. Moreover, the club also has the age limit of entrance over 21 years of age. The club also stresses on dressy attire. In addition, the club remains open from 6 pm to 3 am from Thursday to Sunday. Lastly, the music played in this club ranges from House, RnB and even chart-topper music.

14) École Privée Montreal

École Privée Montreal has been up and running for almost 4 years now and is the perfect place to hit when the weekend arrives. This club is full of local partygoers as well as tourists curious about the Montreal party scene. Furthermore, the club also has a large smoky dance floor as well as a bar that provides customers with the tastiest drinks. In addition, this club also has a posh seating area. The club also hosts DJs who provide partygoers with a range of chart-toppers as well as house sets and mashups. The timing of this club is from 10 pm to 3 am on Saturdays and Sundays.