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IQ After Hours Houston


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IQ After Hours Houston, Guide & Review

Friday nights at IQ After Hours are the best. If you want to get an entertaining experience during the time you spend in Houston, you should think about visiting IQ After Hours. You can simply get into IQ After Hours with your ordinary street clothes and enjoy the unique vibe that is offered. As soon as you step into the club, you will fall in love with the crowd and the vibe. In addition to that, it is possible for you to discover a fascinating lit-up dance floor as well. There is a unique mix of music at IQ After Hours.

This nightclub is a place that you can enjoy until late night. You can visit the night club around 11pm and get the most out of it. You will not have to pay any cover fee to get into the club as well. All you have to do is to show your ID to one of the bouncers at the door and get in. The dance floor at IQ After Hours doesn’t get filled until the late evening. Therefore, you will need to wait until the midnight before the blast happens. It can definitely provide you with a fun night out and you can get along with the theme. The 80s nights are the best.

IQ After Hours has plenty of space inside. Therefore, you will not feel packed or cramped inside. It is a perfect place to grab a drink and enjoy the music. You can dance your heart out while you are spending your time in IQ After Hours. Therefore, you can easily get rid of all the worries and stresses that you have in your mind as well. The interior of IQ After Hours is dimly lit, but a perfect atmosphere has been created with colorful furniture and walls. If you are an EDM music lover, you will get impressed with the time that you spend in IQ After Hours.

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