Key West Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Welcome to Key West’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Key West. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Key West is a well-known island city in the Florida Keys archipelago. Known for its mixed cultural influences, Key West is also known for its breathtaking sunsets. One of the main reasons why Key West is infamous is because of its scenic sunsets. Thanks to its specialty in water sports, historic venues, beaches, and high-spirited nightlives, Key West has become one of the best tourist attractions in Florida. 

When it comes to Key West nightlife, the city gives you the experience of a dynamic and World famous nightlife experience. Also famously known as a party town, Key West offers some of the best live entertainment choices. So whether you’re looking for a bar where you can relax and taste some of the best cocktails or for a nightclub where you can unleash your inner party animal, then Key West is your destination. 

This article will list some of the best nightlife specialties where you can enjoy most of the bright lights with music in the background under the moon in Key West. 

Best bars in Key West

When you are primarily covered in sand, you should seek some refreshments that will help you relax and enjoy the nightlife of Key West. The following are some of the top-rated bars in Key West that you must indeed check out: 

  • Irish Kevin’s

Irish Kevin’s is one of the best places to hang out with your friends and taste some of the delicious Irish cuisines. Irish Kevin’s is not just a bar, but it also takes special care to provide a friendly environment, making you feel comfortable amongst others. Irish Kevins offers some of the authentic bar menus along with lip-smacking international cuisines. When it comes to the ambiance of Irish Kevin’s, they make sure all of their visitors enjoy the presence of the Irish essence. It is also well known as a rustic second home to local visitors and tourists. Apart from serving some of the best dishes and relaxing alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, Irish Kevins also let you enjoy live music performed by locals and international bands. So if you’re looking for a comfortable place to chill at night with your friends or family, then you must check out the Irish Kevin’s by the Old Town Road in Key West. 

  • Captain Tony’s saloon

Captain Tony’s saloon is known as one of the greatest masterpieces in the living history of the Key West Bars. Captain Tony’s saloon has served mouth-watering cuisines to the legendary Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, Shel Silverstein, Truman Capote, and Jimmy Buffet. To tourists’ surprise, Captain Tony’s saloon is not just a regular bar but a standard hub for famous and influential people like the mayor of Key West, a casino operator, and a fishing boat captain. This magnificent bar offers some of the best alcoholic beverages and fine whisky that will make you experience Paradise. Captain Tony also organizes fantasy fests like zombie Paradise, pirate party, rubber ball, plaid party, steampunk party, etc. At 428 Greene Street, Captain Tony’s is a great bar to hang out with friends and families. 

  • Sunset Pier 

If you are looking for a bar that gives you some of the best-blended alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages along with a location where you can feel the freshness and gaze at the ocean, then you must try the Sunset Pier bar. Here in Sunset Pier, you can enjoy the classic mojito and margaritas with great Oceanview and a menu that offers some of the best seafood dishes. When it comes to living music and nightlife in Key West, this bar provides tropical Vibes that you would never want to miss. They offer a hot tin roof restaurant along with an in-room dining facility. If you are a fan of cocktails and wish to try some of the best ones, you can try the unique Sunset Pier cocktails. Popular are sunset margarita, Pina colada, coconut rum punch bucket, passion fruit daiquiri, Cadillac Margarita, and Sunset Pier Red Sangria. You can also give a try to their particular buffalo chicken wings made with blue cheese and celery, smoked fish dip with pickled jalapenos, celery and tortilla chips, and medium Florida stone crab with four crab claws, key lime mustard, and lemon.

Along with a wide range of bar and restaurant menus, this bar also offers musical nights performed by local and international artists. Additionally, you can find Sunset Pier in Ocean Key Resort and Spa, 0 Duval Street, Key West. Finally, if you are looking forward to a bar that offers a relaxing environment with a great range of drinking and eating menus, you must check out the Sunset Pier. 

  • Green parrot

The Green parrot was initially known as a wartime grocery store that later started selling drinks to the locals. However, in the current times, Green Parrot is known as one of the iconic bars in Key West. The green parrot bar offers some of the most potent drinks along with live music, a relaxed environment, and a place where you can make new friends and meet tourists from all over the world. Green parrot serves famous alcoholic beverages, liquor, and wine in various sizes. Since Green Parrot is famously known for its musical events, you can also enjoy the jukebox and ukulele club along with other live musical performances by local and international bands and artists. Green parrot organizes musical events almost every evening. You can visit this bar any day of the week. For your friends and families, you can also purchase gifts such as original Green Parrot T-shirts, Hoodies, bandanas, Jewelleries, stickers, magnets, etc. You can find the green parrot bar at 609 South 3rd Old Town Street, Key West.

If you are looking for a place where you can listen to some of the greatest hits performed by talented artists while enjoying a cold beer, then you must check out Green Parrot. 

  • Rum Bar- Speakeasy Inn

You can say that the Run Bar in Speakeasy Inn is a Paradise on Earth for those who love to sip on a glass of rum. Rum bar offers classic cocktails from 350 plus different rums from different cities and countries of the world. This bar also provides a great ambiance to its local visitors and tourists. However, you can enjoy good music and enjoy some of the tropical dreams such as Mojito, Daiquiris, and house-special cocktails. Situated at 1117 Duval Street, Key West, you can experience the unusual features of the Rum Bar. One of these distinctive features in the basement that stores rum is the fences around the balcony. You can find it on the second floor of the Speakeasy Inn. Apart from the specialties in world-class cocktails, you can also enjoy cheap shots. It does not matter if you are with your friends or family; you can always enjoy the vibes the Rum Bar offers. Even if you come here alone, you can always find someone or the other to talk to or be friends with. The bartenders of Rum Bar are pretty friendly and do not hesitate to share more about the cocktails and their history and ingredients. It is an excellent place to meet different people and learn more about them. The Rum Bar is a fantastic pub that offers some of the best rum and other popular liquor, so if you are looking to take a break while sipping some of the best quality rum, you must check out the Rum Bar instantly!

  • The Bull and Whistle Bar

The Bull and whistle bar is one of the oldest open-air bars that you can find in Key West. The Bull and whistle Baja is three birds with their uniqueness and originality. You can find The Bull on the first floor. In the Bull, you can find a large area with a long and stretched bar that offers some of the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It also provides live music performed by local musicians. The Bull is one of those birds that provide an open-air system in Key West. You can find a good amount of crowd in The Bull. The Whistle Bar it’s situated on the second floor of the same building. The Whistle Bar offers games and pool tables and a squared bar that offers chilled drinks and liquors from both National and international states. Where the Bull provides an excellent environment for those who love live music, the Whistle Bar, on the other hand, provides a fresh breeze on the balcony that overlooks Duval Street. You can also grab a drink ok and rest on the porch while hanging out with your friends. That is not it! The Bull and Whistle Bar also offers another fantastic bar that will blow your mind. Popularly known as the Garden Of Eden, this is a rooftop bar where you may or may not wear clothes. Yes! You heard that right. You can enjoy drinks with your special ones on this rooftop bar while viewing the island as a whole. If you are looking for something extraordinary in Key West, The Bull and Whistle bar is your destination.

Best Nightclubs in Key West

If you love dancing to the beats of the greatest hits of all time while sipping on delicious and beautiful cocktails, then Key West has some of the best nightclubs to offer. Here are our top-rated nightclubs in Key West, which you must check out right after the sun goes down:

  • Bourbon Street Pub

Situated in a fantastic location, Bourbon Street pub is a famous gay club around the city. Bourbon Street pub is one of the only nightclubs and bars that provides the most extensive television screen. This large television screen is a unique attraction for those who seek to party at a music video nightclub. You can also enjoy the video Jockeys playing some of the exclusive music videos. Once the showcase of the exclusive videos begins, the actual party takes place in this infamous gay nightclub. One of the hottest reasons you must experience Bourbon Street pub is that it’s only clothing-optional for men. Things tend to get wild in this nightclub when clothes get off the list. Apart from that, you can also enjoy an outdoor theatre, a tiki bar with a large pool area, and a garden bar where you can taste some of the best refreshment drinks. However, suppose you want to check out their garden bar. You can visit Bourbon Street pub on Tuesday nights from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Inside. You can also check out their weekly specialties, such as Red hot Mondays, where they serve you a house of unique fireball cinnamon whisky worth $4, and Martini Tuesdays, where you can enjoy stoli Martinis worth $4. From Wednesdays to Sundays, you can also take a look at the Drag Queen Jukebox with Jessica Grabbit. Bourbon Street Pub overall is a steamy R-rated Gay nightclub where anyone can spend one of their best nights. If you are in Key West, then a visit to the Bourbon Street pub is a must! 

  • Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday is a chain bar that offers special frozen daiquiris that you may not be able to find on the entire island of Key West. Fat Tuesday cares about all types of visitors. That is why they not only offer alcoholic beverages but also provide some of the best non-alcoholic drinks, including non-alcoholic daiquiris. You can also create a customized drink for yourself based on your likings and mood. If you are confused, to begin with, you can always ask the bartenders for samples. Apart from the bar, which has a great collection of drinks, Fat Tuesday also lets you groove to some of the best reggae music of all time. A casual bar during the day turns into a first-class nightclub by the sunset. Once the sun sets down and the lights turn up bright, you will see the dance floor coming out of Fat Tuesday. This floor is especially for those crowds who love to unleash their inner party animals right after the DJ spins the hottest hits of the decade. You can enjoy a live DJ at 9:00 p.m. from Tuesdays to Saturdays. You can also enjoy the Happy hour on Fat Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every week except Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re looking for a classic nightclub that plays some of the best songs and offers traditional drinks like margaritas, then you must check out The Fat Tuesday. 

  • Aqua nightclub

Aqua nightclub is a famous and creative gay nightclub in Key West. It is an all welcome gay nightclub that hosts events every day from the afternoons till the evenings. Aqua nightclub hosts American idol karaoke that raises funds for the charity and bartenders who serve the best-stirred cocktails and perform live and sing for the visitors and tourists. In Aqua nightclub, you can also enjoy some of the mesmerizing drag shows on the island. The drag queens or the performers always encourage the crowd to get involved and match steps with them. However, once the show ends, you can enjoy a dance party and can unleash your inner party animal, and show off some of your best moves. The party goes on nonstop till 2 a.m, so you better try to stay refreshed with their renowned drinks and dance the night away. If you are looking for a fabulous nightclub to dance to with your friends or lover, you must check out the Aqua nightclub. 

Other exciting things to do at night in Key West: 

Why limit yourself to bars and nightclubs when you can enjoy some of the other mind-blowing nightlife adventures and fun in Key West? Here are our top things to do when it comes to enjoying the night away in the island city of Key West: 

  • Check out Tropic Cinema

Have you ever wondered if you could see your favorite classic movies from the 80s on a big screen? Well, we all are a sucker for watching cinemas at a cinema hall, especially the ones that belong to the other era or nation. Tropic Cinema, however, is different from the regular cinema halls. Tropic cinema in key West is a retro-styled cinema hall that screens international films, cult classics, and independent films directed by local filmmakers and directors. So if you love watching artistic movies, you definitely must visit the Tropic Cinema at 416 Eaton Street, Key West. Plus, you can also find an art gallery where you can check out arts of different designs and styles of their own. Apart from that, you can also take part in cultural events and lectures based on the art of cinema. So if your world revolves around the cinema or if you want to experience the feeling of watching an international film in a retro-styled cinema hall, you must check out the Tropic Cinema. 

  • Visit restaurants that only serve desserts.

That made your heart skip a beat. Didn’t it? Then you must wait till you check out these dessert-only restaurants. Dessert-only restaurants like Better than Sex, Mathhessen’s, Flamingo Crossing Ice Cream offer some of the best desserts in the city. Dessert-only restaurants provide various desserts, including ice-creams, pastries, puddings, and so much more! If you have a sweet tooth, you must not wait at your typical restaurant for delicious desserts. Instead, you can taste heavenly after-meal desserts that will take you to Paradise. 

  • Comedy Key West

Comedy Key West is a popular venue for people who seek entertainment while having their pre- night drink or after dinner. Comedy Key West hosts some of the funniest stand-up comedy performances performed by local and well-known comedians. This comedy club also screens some of the best comedy films for the audience. On Mondays, you can attend the drunken spelling bee event, and on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, you can enjoy the regular stand-up comic performances. Situated at 1128 Simonton Street, Key West, Comedy Key West promises a comedy night that is always worth it. If you want to perform stand-up comedy, comedy key West might also give you the chance to shine and unleash your hidden talents. 

  • Key West Theatre

Key West theatre is a popular venue for those who perform art for entertainment purposes. It is a destination that hosts traditional plays, concerts, music performances as well as comedy nights. The Key West theatre hosts different versions for different groups of people and interests. This is why no matter what, you can always find something or the other happening in the Key West theatre. Apart from presenting marvelous artistic performances, Key West theatre also lets you taste some of the delicious and lip-smacking snacks. They also provide a full bus service that offers various classic and unique cocktails for the audiences. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the realness of art, you can check out the Key West theatre at 512 Eaton Street, Key West. 

  • Sunset cruise

When you are in one of the prettiest island cities, there is no chance you would want to miss gazing and experiencing one of the most beautiful sunsets of your life. When you are in Key West, you can take a cruise to the coastal part of the island city and get the chance to view Key West from a different angle. It truly makes you feel like you are in living heaven. When you are on the sea, you can enjoy Key West’s bright yellow and orange sunset from the cruise. If you have a little bit of a photographer in you, you would love the sunset view from the cruise. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a wide range of seafood and incredible cocktails. If you love fishing, you can also enjoy the experience of fishing on a cruise. 


Beaches are always fun, but the fun you experience in Key West after the sun sets down is on another level. Not only can you enjoy some of the best bars and nightclubs to enjoy specially blended cocktails, but also try adventurous night trips to gay nightclubs, comedy clubs, sunset cruising, along with many more great nightlife activities. So wait no more and instantly book your tickets to Key West: The perfect spot for fantastic nightlife.