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Maybe you’re the first to try Bachata steps, an avid ballroom enthusiast who works with your Rumba, Merengue, or your Cha-Cha-Cha, or a type of clubbier opened by modern Cumbia and Reggaeton brands. Or maybe you are one of the many dancers who serve at the Salsa Altar. In any case, Key West has covered you.

In all its diversity, Latin dance has found a home in our city ever since. Although the Latin nightlife is active all week but especially during the weekend – the best live Latin music DJs are guaranteed to play one of our world-class venues, continuing the tradition with its historical roots in this fun mecca.

Virgilio’s Key West

As one of Key West’s iconic venues and Ernest Hemingway’s favorite watering can, Virgilio impresses guests from all over the world who come to enjoy their favorite drink, the authentic spirit of Key West, and high-quality cuisine. There is always an event in the bar that is cleverly crafted and specialized. Live music entertainment begins at noon and is on the rocks until 2:00 in the morning! It is also the perfect place in Key West for Latin dancing and music. They have a special night on Thursdays dedicated to Latin dancing. 

Garden Of Eden  Key West

The bar includes a disco area, go-go dancers, videos, live artists, an optional pool of clothes, a jacuzzi, and a field bar with sundeck1. If you love to carry it all, the Garden of Eden has a fantastic dress code – or should I say.

This optional dress bar is an icon known for both its nude style and beautiful music. Don’t worry about privacy, as security ensures that all phones stay remote. With three floors of party space, your night is as damp as you like.

Aqua Key West

Aqua is regarded as the premier venue for a beautiful drag show in Florida, with performances every night of the week. Check out this site if you enjoy good laughter and good entertainment. The fully-embraced gay nightclub has daily creative events throughout the week from afternoon to evening. Set up Texas Hold ’em unlimited poker tournaments, Aqua’s American Idol karaoke with the proceeds of donations to charities and charities as they tremble and awaken their cocktails. Their night-drag shows, featuring Aquanettes, receive updates from locals and visitors alike with the size of the games and the subsequent craftsmanship. Players get viewers involved, so choose a seat away from the centers if you don’t like the visibility. After the shows, the bar becomes a party not to be missed.


There are many opportunities to dance in Key West, where the celebration of life and fun is a daily tradition.

From Cuban and Latin bars to their salsa music, to discos to beats and people dancing at the bottom of the dance, to the honky-tonk bars with their live music and fun rhythm, Key West has a dance floor for almost every taste.

In all of these areas, be sure to check first with local websites and social media, as club calendars and commitments often change.

a great time in the above listed nightclubs. The night is young in the city of Fort Lauderdale

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