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The EDM scene (although may not seem like it) is very alive in Key West, Fl. Take your nightclub to enjoy the beautiful island city of Florida to the following stage through going to one of the EDM clubs we indexed underneath. And, let’s face it, EDM means many extraordinary sorts of genres now. From house music to dubstep to interrupt beats and entice track. So when we are saying EDM, we suggest everything.

EDM is speedily filling up nightclubs, arenas, and fairs, and Key West has all of them. Even as you’ll listen to the typical pinnacle 40, Pop, Hop Hop, and club music at most nightclubs in Key West, the nightclubs/lounges underplay EDM on typically any given nighttime.

Aqua Key West

Aqua is regarded as the premier venue for a beautiful drag show in Florida, with performances every night of the week. Check out this site if you enjoy good laughter and good entertainment. The fully-embraced gay nightclub has daily creative events throughout the week from afternoon to evening. Set up Texas Hold ’em unlimited poker tournaments, Aqua’s American Idol karaoke with the proceeds of donations to charities and charities as they tremble and awaken their cocktails. Their night-drag shows, featuring Aquanettes, receive updates from locals and visitors alike with the size of the games and the subsequent craftsmanship. Players get viewers involved, so choose a seat away from the centers if you don’t like the visibility. After the shows, the bar becomes a party not to be missed.

801 Bourbon Key West

The famous 801 has been part of the Gay Key West world for over 30 years. Enjoy a bar below or a night cabaret that tops a large pull house on the island. 

This delicious Duval Street bar is a must-have for any Key West tour. Expect singing, dancing, entertaining jokes, and audience participation. There are two cabaret shows at 9:00 pm again at 11:00 pm. (Note: The late-night program is known to be rated R for more than the first show.) Make sure you bring a lot of small bills, as complimenting artists is highly recommended. Check in your hotel to get a coupon on the cover of the carrier cover. A popular gay bar in Key West with gay men, a very hostile atmosphere with New Orleans House, a men’s dressing room – a place of choice at the top. Saturday’s weekly Key West West pool event is the only place you can be, but the free drinks on Sunday Funday are also trendy. There is also a men’s garden bar that you choose for clothing only, and you can imagine how this goes.  

Rick’s bar Key West

Rick’s idea of ​​eight-in-one bars is more of a fun building than a straight bar. Rick’s, the flagship, is a typical bar with a great night’s karaoke; Durty Harry is a live rock music venue with a beer-and-shots sports-pub vibe. Rick’s Loft runs along the cocktail bar, while Rick’s Tree Bar – a rooftop area – makes fruit cocktails with a bird’s view of Duval Street below. You can come here every night of the week and have a completely different experience. Well, there are quiet and very close places throughout Key West (not to mention enthusiastic), but that’s why you’re not. It’s an excellent match for a larger group: think, a boys’ weekend or a bachelorette party.

Green Parrot  Key West

Green Parrot is a true icon for Key West and the perfect place to open up with your friends and be yourself. The Green Parrot is a fun diving nightclub that is everyone’s favorite in the heart of the Old City. Enjoy free popcorn and no doubt the best music on the island. Come at 5:30 pm soundcheck and stay dancing all night. The area opened its doors in 1890 and has been a staple of the community ever since. They have live music almost every night of the week but check out their event calendar to see what’s going on while you’re visiting.

Every night, great music, original drinks, and casual local bands meet with visitors of Key West to create an atmosphere of excitement, excitement, and pure fun. From storm events to divorce ceremonies to pet birthdays, the true spirit of Key West of Green Parrot is unchanging and welcomes everyone with open arms.

Willie T Key West

Go up Duval Street and see the outside bar covered with dollar bills – world-famous Willie T! Take a mojito and sing “Sweet Caroline” with people passing by. Willie Ts are known for their hot drinks and endless live music. There is always a party here, and they have good food and drinks. Check out Willie T’s calendar to see who plays each day.


The EDM scene in Key West has been on the rise for a few years, and the clubs all through the town are attentive to this. Downtown Key West is home to a few terrific nightlife, and EDM songs are speedy taking it over. Some of the EDM clubs in Key West feature local DJs in addition to huge-call performers. Relying on the night, some nightclubs may require tickets to wait for a show, while others may best require a cover rate. Please take a look at our listing of the first-rate EDM clubs in Key West, and get prepared to rave!

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