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In search of one of the most exclusive and fabulous spots in Dublin city, Krystle nightclub is the place to be. For those who want to be a bit closer to the action, you’ll be able to book out a personal area within the club room. This offers a singular chance to possess an exclusive space for you and your friends whilst still having the ability to enjoy the atmosphere of the dance-floor and our hand-picked schedule of DJs.

Our venue within the heart of Dublin is the perfect setting for love or money from corporate functions to birthday celebrations and yuletide parties. The space can conveniently board from 200-600 visitors standing and has sufficient compartment seating. Krystal exclusively hosts celebrities across the globe and you are sure to find plenty of famous faces. It is one of the most exclusive and fabulous spots in the city. If you go through the guest list you will be amazed by the kind of people associated with Krystle which you can genuinely get from social media, Facebook and twitter.

Uniquely there is a dress code if you want to get into Krystle. In the VIP area we have politicians, musicians, bloggers; it’s the real VIP area. Additionally, there is an extended balcony to enable you to comfortably have a view of everything that’s happening in the club and public scenery. Taking a glance inside the gorgeous area, you immediately get a speakeasy feel with a mirrored ceiling and an opulent pink bed, documented on social media from all the bloggers and influencers. Lining on the walls are some of the earliest covers of Vogue Magazine and the bar boasts an impressive selection of some of the tastiest drinks in the world. The intricate layout of the venue allows you to host various events satisfactorily. The main club is found downstairs with the upper level overlooking Dicey’s tavern , where the atmosphere flows late into the night.

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