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Aiming to spice your night out at Dublin think of being at Paradiso Club. Paradiso is located at 18 N Earl St, North City, Dublin 1, D01 E9C1, Ireland. We are a colourful and creative club-night in Dublin with the best DJs on the stage, paradiso professional decorations, 3D laser show, Go-Go dancers.

Paradiso Club is a professional nightclub in Dublin with the best DJs on the stage, exhibited by stunning decorations and lights, 3D Laser show, Dancers, Club effects, amazing music and exotically tropical atmosphere.Paradiso Club became a reality when two guys from Baltic countries Nik Sg and Paul Sv decided to bring something tropical and colorful into the rainy city Dublin, where you could feel exotical atmosphere, enjoy amazing music, and dance like nowhere else, the party full of joy and happiness.

Paradiso ensures you have the most colorful and creative club nights in Ireland with the best DJs on the stage, 3d laser show, professional decorations, theme costumed go-go dancers, colorful psychedelic visuals, professional lights, fog and UV effects. We specialize in Tribal and Progressive house music. Paradiso happens to be in partnership with many renowned companies around Dublin and across the Europe such as TanZone, Air Gay Radio, Cafe Rubis Wine Bar, Fame Club Galway, The Boilerhouse, Sauna Macho Brussels.

If you happen to be a clubber or a party-lover, Paradiso Dublin Club must be your favorite night out venue. The club venue has established itself as one of the finest nightclubs in Dublin. The internationally renowned DJs, musicians, dancers, and artists keep this venue alive. You can hardly experience any run of the mill moment at Paradiso. Exclusive club amenities included ambiance, music scene, drinks, and dancers are on point! So, what are you waiting for! Rise up to encounter the ultimate clubbing at your earliest! Ultimately, We hope everything will work out for you out there! Good Luck!

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