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Le Duplex Paris, Guide & Review

A trendy night club in Paris welcoming some of the youngest clientele, Le Duplex Club, Paris, is the ultimate place to visit if you wish to have a pure, Parisian experience of a hip club filled with young students and party lovers. Located at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, Le Duplex also has a restaurant, Le Vogue, which serves great French cuisine.

Le Duplex promises to serve its clientele with an experience, and that too, a unique one. You will not find this club to be very extravagant, luxurious or pretentious. Instead, this multi floor venue is just what it is- a pure, Parisian night club experience.

One of the exciting and unique things about Le Duplex is the fact that there is a gaming arena in its venue. On nights where the club is hired specially for parties, the gaming arena is opened up, making for a very exciting and fun night.

A venue which is absolutely perfect for hosting all sorts of events; be it a seminar, a party, or a reception, Le Duplex has many little surprises packed in one. From having its very own gaming area, two huge dance floors, a smoking area, and a special DJ night every Saturday night, Le Duplex will give you an experience to truly remember.

Le Duplex has been completely renovated and redesigned just in 2017, giving it an additional appeal and oomph, as if that was ever missing from this club!

This is the ultimate guide for Le Duplex Club, Paris. Here will be everything you need to know about this club; from the dress code policies, to the directions, the VIP Tables, and what you should expect here.

Location and How to Get to Le Duplex
On the prestigious Avenue Foch, right at the foot at Arc de Triomphe, lies Le Duplex Club. A very popular hot spot in Paris, in the Champs Elyees, Le Duplex is located at 2 bis avenue Foch, 75016, Paris.

Want to know how you can get to Le Duplex? Well, since the metro station is located just a stone’s throw away from this club; it is probably the cheapest and easiest option to get there. Of course, you can always avail of a taxi service to take you to the club.

Here is a detailed guide on the different modes of public transport in Paris that will take you to Le Duplex, and how long it would take you to get there.

From the point of Arche de la Defense, Puteaux, you can reach Le Duplex Club by these modes of public transport:

RER- A in 12 minutes
Bus 73 in 36 minutes
Train L in 46 minutes
Metro 1 in 19 minutes
From the point of Palais de Tokyo, you can reach Le Duplex Club by these modes of public transport:

Metro 6 and Metro 9 in 17 minutes
Bus 92 in 16 minutes
From the point of Parvis de la Defense, Puteaux, you can reach Le Duplex Club by these modes of public transport:

RER- A in 11 minutes
Bus 73 in 36 minutes
Train L in 45 minutes
Metro 1 in 18 minutes
From the point of Place de la Concorde, you can reach Le Duplex Club by these modes of public transport:

Metro 1 in 17 minutes
Bus 73 in 19 minutes
From the point of Place de la Nation, you can reach Le Duplex Club by these modes of public transport:

RER- A in 15 minutes
Bus 56 and Bus 30 in 60 minutes
Metro 1 in 33 minutes
Additional Information:

The closest stations to Le Duplex Club are the Charles De Gaulle – Etoile – Victor Hugo, Charles De Gaulle – Étoile and Charles De Gaulle – Etoile – Grande Armee, which are all just a short 2 minute walk from the club doors. The Etoile/Champs Elysées is a short 3 minute walk from the club, while the Charles De Gaulle – Etoile – Kleber is a 4 minute walk from Le Duplex Club.

The Metro Lines Metro 1 and Metro 6 are the closest ones to Le Duplex Club.

Train Line L is the closest one to stop near Le Duplex Club.

RER A is the closest one to stop near Le Duplex Club.

The bus lines- Bus 92, Bus 30 and Bus 73 are the closest stops to Le Duplex Club.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

A trendy and chic night club in Paris will obviously attract crowds with the same vibes. The dress code for Le Duplex, Paris is also Trendy and Chic. This means that you are expected to turn up in some of your best club outfits. Filled with young student crowds in their 20’s Le Duplex is the best place to wear smart casual club outfits. For the men, a fancy collared shirt or even a T shirt, paired with a nice pair of jeans would be the best. Avoid wearing sneakers or running shoes, as you will be rejected from the club immediately.

As for the ladies, a jazzy dress, a skimpy top, and some high heels are the best option. Again, avoid wearing anything too vulgar or suggestive.

The age requirement for Le Duplex Club is strictly above 18, so be sure to carry a valid ID proof with you. The security check at the front door is really strict, and you definitely cannot expect to sneak past security if you cannot produce a valid ID proof. As for tourists, definitely don’t forget to carry your passports with you.

Weekly Program

Open every single evening till 6 am in the morning, Le Duplex holds some amazing parties and events within its four walls. On Saturday Nights at Le Duplex, you can enjoy a special DJ show and dance your boots off. Other nights include private parties and typical club nights with amazing music, young, vibrant crowds and something exciting occurring within the club walls!

Music Style

The music choice at Le Duplex is pretty old school. You will feel nostalgic as you listen to the old hits from the year 2000’s till now. The House music here is also pretty great, along with some of the best hip hop and reggaeton in town. If you are one of those party people who love to listen to old favourites with new remixes by their local DJ’s, the Le Duplex is definitely the club to be at.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

Lu Duplex Club is extremely popular, especially amongst young student crowds and tourists. The typical entrance fee could be anywhere around 15 Euros (with one free drink), 20 Euros (with 2 free drinks) to even 26 Euros on busy nights. Be sure to carry a valid ID proof with you so that you don’t face any hassle at the front door.

Getting your names on the Guest Lists would be the best way to avoid these long, unnecessary lines and get into the club easily.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

The VIP Tables at Le Duplex are a great option for those who want to hang on to their booths without having to lose them in the crowds. The nights here can get very crowded, and opting for a VIP Table and Bottle service will allow you to enjoy your night with your group undisturbed.

Get in touch with our Le Duplex Partners to know all about the events, the VIP Tables and how to book your VIP Table at this club.

Drink Prices

The drink prices at Le Duplex are quite reasonable- drinks starting at 9 Euros, and a bottle costing you anywhere between 120 to 150 Euros. Of course, make sure that you hold on to your ticket at the front door, as it will ensure that you get your free drinks from the bar. The happy hours at Le Duplex are till 1 am, so it’s a bonus!

Our Recommendations

Even though the metro station is just a stone’s throw away from the club, the metro closes at 4 am. It is probably best to wait until 5 or 6 am, till the club closes, and then make a dash for the metro. If not, you could always hail a cab to take you back home.

The entry fee might be slightly high, from 20 to even 26 Euros on a busy night, however, hold on to your ticket, as this will help you get your free drinks at the bar. You can enjoy not one but 2 free drinks, even if you wish to have a glass of champagne on the house!

If you are a tourist visiting Paris and wish to enjoy a night out at Le Duplex, do not forget to carry your passport along with you to the club! Even with a valid ID proof and adherence to the dress code, you still run a chance of being sent back without your passports.

That’s about it! Now that you know everything you need to, you are ready to enjoy a true Parisian party night at Le Duplex.

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