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Les Bains Douches Paris, Guide & Review

A legendary hotspot in Paris which first saw light during the 1885, Les Bains Douches has been transformed and brought back to life as a luxury hotel inside a night club. With the amalgamation of new, creative minds and their brilliant ideas, Les Bains Douches is a hybrid location for trendsetters who are looking for an inspiration to do more.

Now, temple of Parisian nightlife, Les Bains Douches has become a popular venue for parties, ceremonies, and of course, inspirational music events in Paris. A few great minds came forward and decided to save this Parisian icon from decadence, transforming it into one of the most exciting and breathe taking venues in Paris. An extremely bold and very artistic venture soon turned into a hotspot for vibrant party animals in Paris looking to enjoy a slice of the great Parisian night life.

Perhaps it is only in the magical city of Paris that you can expect an old, out-dated building to be brought back from dereliction into a new and exuberant persona. Les Bains Douches Club, Paris, is a trendy spot for those who fit into the bill; being immensely creative, ready for exploration, and always up to seek out new adventures.

This is the ultimate guide for Les Bains Douches Club, and it will tell you just about everything you need to know about this jubilant hotspot along the streets of Pairs. Frequented by some of the most famous names in history, and now being visited by those who wish to soak in the uniqueness of nostalgic and new emotion of this venue, here is the ultimate guide for Les Bains Douches Club.

Location and How to Get to Les Bains Douches
Located at 7 Rue du Bourg l’Abbé, 75003 Paris, France, Les Bains Douches was a legendary spot in Paris which was going under an inevitable breakdown, however, with the help of some of the best and most inspiring minds put together, this legendary spot has now been reconstructed as one of the most popular night life venues in Paris.

How to get to Les Bains Douches? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Since the club is so very popular, it is not difficult to find it from any point in the city. Taking a taxi service to the club is probably the best option, as you could reach there fast without any hassle. Of course, Paris has a beautiful public transport system which can take you there just as easily.

Here is a complete guide on how you can reach Les Bains Douches from any point in the city via public transport, and how long it would take you to get there.

From the point of Saint-Denis, you can reach Les Bains Douches by these modes of public transport:

Subway 3 and Subway 13 in 34 minutes
Bus 38, bus 153 and Bus 350 in 64 minutes
Rail H in 49 minutes
From the point of Pont de Billancourt, you can reach Les Bains Douches by these modes of public transport:

Subway 4 and Subway 9 in 57 minutes
Rail N in 76 minutes
Bus 47, Bus 72 and Bus 123 in 52 minutes
Metro 10 in 47 minutes
Bus 38 in 47 minutes
From the point of Les Marronniers, you can reach Les Bains Douches by these modes of public transport:

Bus 39 and Bus 169 in 80 minutes
Rail N in 76 minutes
Subway 4 and Subway 9 in 51 minutes
From the point of Les Bourget, you can reach Les Bains Douches by these modes of public transport:

Subway 5 and Subway 7 in 63 minutes
Bus 38, Bus 350 and Bus 152 in 81 minutes
RER B in 46 minutes
From the point of P’tit Bar, you can reach Les Bains Douches by these modes of public transport:

Bus 38, Bus 72 and Bus 160 in 57 minutes
Rail L in 64 minutes
Subway 4 and Subway 10 in 55 minutes
Additional Information:

The nearest stations to Les Bains Douches club are the Sebastopol – Etienne Marcel and Grenier Saint-Lazare – Quartier De L’Horloge which are both just a short 3 minute walk from the club, and the Reaumur – Sebastopol which is just a short 4 minute walk from the club.

The metro lines 3 and 4 are the closest ones to stop near Les Bains Douches Club.

The train lines Train H, Train N and Train L are the closest ones to stop near Les Bains Douches Club.

The bus routes Bus 38, Bus 39 and Bus 47 are the ones which stop near Les Bains Douches Club.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

Reincarnated into a glamorous nightclub during the 70’s, Les Bains Douches Club, Paris, is more of an institution. With a night club situated right under a luxurious hotel, the age requirement for the night club is specifically 18+. If you wish to visit this luxuriant night club in Paris, be sure to carry a valid form of ID to show at the front door.

The dress code for Les Bains Douches club is strictly Elegant and Classy. It is not surprising to find this, as the most classy and chic crowds are the ones who are attracted to this fancy and sophisticated club. In order to gain entry through the doors of this club, you need to pay close attention to the dress code policy.

As for the men, the fancier, the better. This means that it’s probably best to leave behind your ripped jeans and smart t shirts for some other night club in Paris. Les Bains Douches calls for beauty, fashion and elegance. Put on your best formal attire, and you will be more than welcome. Keep in mind, if you wish to visit in a formal suit or tux, you definitely would not feel out of place here.

As for the ladies, classy, elegant and chic is the cheat code for this night club. Your pretties LBD would be the best option, of course, married with a pair of classy high heels, and there’s no stopping you! Skip the skimpy dresses and short skirts; instead, opt for something elegant and classy. If you have been keeping a really fancy dress hidden at the back of your cupboard, just waiting for the perfect occasion to show it off, well, Les Bains Douches Club is just the place.

Weekly Program

Open from Thursday to Sunday, the club doors open during midnight and stay open till early dawn. Thursday and Friday nights you can expect some of the most eclectic events and parties to be hosted at this club. Undoubtedly, you will find some of the most popular artists and musicians playing at the club on these nights. The parties held here are absolutely legendary and cannot be missed out on at any costs.

Saturday nights are slightly more special and unique, as the club is reserved for the gay clientele of Paris. A definite change in mood, ambience and scene at the club, Saturday nights here are absolutely fantastic and full of adventure and exploration.

Be sure to check the official website for Les Bains Douches Club and also keep an eye on their Facebook page. Find out all about the exciting events and parties being held here, and book your tickets so you don’t miss out on anything special.

Music Style

The music at this club is quite varied; something to cater to all their clients. Thursday nights at Les Bains Douches Club are filled with beautiful French music for locals and tourists alike to dance to.

Other nights of course, you can enjoy some of the most amazing rock and roll music, but that’s not all. Les Bains Douches Club caters to those who simply love music. You can expect to find quite a varied flavour in music at this club.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

Typically, the entrance fee for this club is around 20 Euros with a free drink. Of course, getting in touch with our Les Bains Douches Partners will help you get your names on the Guest List and thus, avoid any long waits in line.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

As if the club itself wasn’t luxurious enough, the VIP Tables and Bottle service at Les Bains Douches Club take it to a completely new level. If you really want to experience Les Bains Douches for all its worth, be sure to book a VIP Table for your group.

Drink Prices

The drink prices at Les Bains Douches Club can be slightly on the more expensive side, where a cocktail would cost you around 18 Euros. However, the drinks here are made very tastefully and are not only visually appealing but also extremely delicious to the taste. For a tasteful place like Les Bains Douches Club, the prices for the drinks are just about right, taking into account the kind of clientele they welcome.

Our Recommendations

An extremely classy club, be sure to follow the guidelines regarding the dress code and door policy for this club.

There are wonderful events being held at the club on special nights, so keep checking the updated events list to know all about it.

Well, that’s about it! Now that you know just about everything you need to know about Les Bains Douches Club, you are ready to enjoy your extraordinary night life experience in Paris.

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