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Mix Club Paris, Guide & Review

Sitting at the foot of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris, Mix Club opens its doors every week, welcoming a whopping 1500 clubbers every week. The club that puts the ‘electric’ in Electronica, Mix Club is a temple of strobing lights, blinding LED displays and the most overwhelming audio visual experience that you can imagine. With lights bright enough to give the young party goers a fake tan, Mix Club is filled with swarming student crowds looking for a true Parisian night club experience.

Thursday Nights at Mix Club is especially for young student crowds. If you are one who wishes to have a clubbing experience amidst young, friendly and forever raucous local and international student crowds, then this night is perfect for you.

On other nights, the club scene does not see a very dramatic change, as the club is flooded with young Parisian crowds who are mostly in their early 20’s. If loud, wild and obnoxious party is what you are specifically looking for, then Mix Club is the perfect venue. Don’t expect very classy or chic crowds at this club, as the speciality of Mix Club is to be able to cater to the needs of these young and overly hyper student crowds in Paris.

This is the ultimate guide to Mix Club, Paris. Everything you need to know; from the dress code guidelines, the directions to the club, what you should order and what to expect there will be mentioned here, preparing you for a night of young, wild fun at Mix Club. When at Mix Club, you can expect to relive some of the mind numbing parties that you might have experienced during college days!

Location and How to Get To Mix Club
Situated at the base of the Montparnasse Tower, Mix Club is a popular venue for the young and lively of Paris. The location of Mix Club is 24 Rue de l’Arrivée, 75015 Paris, France, and here is how you can get to the club easily.

Looking for easy directions to the club? Well, the most convenient form of transport that you can take to Mix Club is to opt for a taxi service. The taxi service and cabs in Paris are excellent and will take you to your location smoothly. However, there are other forms of public transport in Paris which will take you to your destination in a cheap and easy manner.

Here is a complete guide on the modes of public transport you can take to Mix Club, and how long it would take you to get there.

From the point of Business Lab, Nanterre, you can reach Mix Club by these modes of public transport:

Bus 73, Bus 94 and Bus 157 in 74 minutes
Train N and Train U in 84 minutes
Metro 1 and Metro 13 in 70 minutes
From the point of SFR Rive Defense, you can reach Mix Club by these modes of public transport:

Metro 1 and Metro 13 in 63 minutes
Train N and Train L in 80 minutes
Bus 73, Bus 94 and Bus 276 in 77 minutes
RER A in 38 minutes
Metro 6 in 38 minutes
From the point of Bois-Colombes, you can reach Mix Club by these modes of public transport:

Bus 92, Bus 164 and Bus 178 in 70 minutes
Train L, Train J, Train N and Train U in 84 minutes
Metro 13 in 42 minutes
From the point of EfficientIP HQ, you can reach Mix Club by these modes of public transport:

Metro 1 and Metro 13 in 33 minutes
Train L, Train N and Train U in 68 minutes
Bus 73, Bus 94 and Bus 176 in 50 minutes
From the point of Moulin de la Bievre, you can reach Mix Club by these modes of public transport:

Bus 28 and Bus 197 in 63 minutes
Metro 6 and RER B in 34 minutes
Additional Information:

The closest stations to Mix Club are the Gare Montparnasse (68 m away), which is just a short 1 minute walk from the club, and the Gare Montparnasse (265 m away) which is a short 4 minute walk from the club.

The Metro Lines 13 and 6 stop closest to Mix Club.

Train Line N is the closest one to stop near Mix Club.

Bus lines Bus 28, Bus 92 and Bus 94 are the closest ones to stop near Mix Club.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

The age requirement for Mix Club is strictly 18 years and above. Even if you manage to gain entry into the club, you might be asked for ID proof again at the bar, so be sure to always keeping your valid ID proof with you. Some nights, however, the age requirement is 21+. Be sure to check the club calendar and find out about their schedule.

The dress code for this club is dressy yet casual. You can expect the young party goers to turn up in their fancy designer jeans, collared shirts and formal shoes. As for the women, party lovers with a sense of style and fashion are what you will find here. Jazzy club outfits, short skirts, and amazing high heels.

Weekly Program

Running for several years now in Paris as one of the most exciting night clubs, Mix Club hosts some pretty fun events on their opening nights.

Undoubtedly, Thursday Nights at Mix Club which are known as Erasmus nights are the wildest nights at the club. These nights are especially for local and international student crowds. Free entry for students till 12 am means that pretty soon, the club is filled with loud, wild, party loving student crowds.

Friday Nights at Mix Club are Evening Latin Generalist; hosting some of the largest Latin events in the city of Paris.

Saturday Nights at Mix Club are Evening Electronics. With some of the best sets by local and international DJ’s, you can very well expect to be up on your feet all night at Mix Club on Saturday Nights.

Music Style

The music at Mix Club is as varied as the name suggests; you can find a mix taste in music at Mix Club. From electro, pop, RnB, Latin, Hip hop and some of the most amazing DJ’s and artists introducing their sets, Mix Club has something for everything. Make sure that you check out the weekly program, schedules, and event pages for Mix Club. Check the Facebook pages and also the official website for Mix Club to find out everything you need to know about the parties and events being held at this club.

Average Line, Guest Lists, Tickets & Entry Price

Being a fairly popular club, Mix Club definitely has a very long wait in line outside the club doors. Girls can avail of the free entry into the club before 1 am if they get their names on the Guest List. On Thursday Night, which is student night, you can try and get free entry into the club before 12 am. However, in order to even reach up to the mouth of the line, you would have to reach the club at least 45 minutes to 1 hour in advance!

The typical entry fee for Mix Club can be anywhere between 10 to 20 Euros on busy nights. On some nights, you would be expected to pay even as less as 5 Euros, if you come early. However, other busy nights could cost you 20 Euros, with a free drink of course.

This is why it is probably best to get your names on the Guest List for Mix Club. This way, you can skip the long, unnecessary lines outside the club. Women can enjoy free entry until 1 am, but even so, the entry fee is highly reduced with your names on the Guest Lists.

VIP Tables & Bottle Service

The VIP Tables and Bottle Service at Mix Club are definitely something to experience. The club can generally get very crowded, especially with the loud and wild parties being held there every week. However, getting you and your group an excellent VIP Table with bottle service might just be the icing to the cake for your pure Parisian experience at Mix Club. Bottle service here costs anywhere between 100 to 400 Euros.

Drink Prices

The drink prices at Mix Club can be slightly pricey, however, completely worth it. The beers at Mix Club cost 5 Euros, the cocktails start from 8 Euros and shots are just 3 Euros.

Our Recommendations

On some nights, you can enjoy free entry to the club. Thursday nights are especially great for the wildest parties you can hope to have.

On other nights of course, you can enjoy amazing Latin, pop, electronic, and RnB music at the club.

There is a coat room, however, if you want to avoid paying extra charges for your smaller items, simply carry them with you or leave them back, since you will have to pay a charge for every item you keep at the coat room.

Well, that’s about it! Now that you know everything you have to about Mix Club, you can visit and come back without any mixed feelings about the club! Enjoy a night of pure, Parisian, wild fun at Mix Club.

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