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Are you looking for some unique and memorable place to go to in Denver? You’ve come to the right place! 

We have compiled a list of unique bars that you can visit in the city. We guarantee that you won’t forget these bars. 

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7. ESP Hifi Bar Denver

ESP Hifi Bar Denver

A music lover’s dream, ESP Hifi is a bar where you will find the host spinning vinyl records. ESP is one of the handful of listening bars in the country, an experience in itself. Sip on some natural wines as shaken drinks would disrupt the music. A step inside, and you go, wow! The smell, the music, and the laid-back and relaxed vibe all are a perfect blend. Foster and Minter, the owners, visited around 40 such bars all around the country to find their niche and what they wanted in their own space. The music ranges from soul, boogie, funk, jazz, and other electronic genres that reflect the owner’s taste and appreciation for deeper cuts. The space resembles those of its kind in Japan but has a personal spin. The energy shifts day to night as coffee gets swapped with gin, tequila, and others you prefer. You will not hear any of the modern-day pop-rock music there. The owners keep their records in mint condition so that your listening experience is one of a kind. Now they are expanding by having more DJs come and play their tracks throughout the day.

6. B&GC Bar Denver

B&GC Bar Denver

One of the most challenging places to find, and we will get you there. Not even on Google maps, this place only gives you their contact number. You only get in after you have a reservation. It is behind a hotel in an alley. There is just a golden triangle logo with an antique-looking doorbell underneath. Ring it, and the staff shall guide you to B&CG. Short hours and small sitting space make it an attraction for all drink lovers. This speakeasy is worth all the effort. The bar sits in the center with round tables for bigger groups. The decor gives off 1950s elite and wealthy class club vibes that are now open for you too. The menu offers vintage whiskey, martinis, and cocktail mixes that their skilled mixologists will blend up for you. Delicacies like shrimp and caviar are also available for those who want something to eat and savor. This bar’s exclusive and mysterious nature makes it a fun and unique experience that you must try. The bar is a revival of the glory that we saw after WWII. Lose yourself to the promise of exhilaration. The experience is worth the price!

5. Slashers Bar Denver

Slashers Bar Denver

A dive bar that caters to the punk and hardcore rock metal head, Slashers is the place to be at. You’ll find great cocktail mixes and horror movies and songs here. With cocktail drink names that are quirky, like ‘I waked with a zombie’ or ‘funeral music,’ you get a mix of tequila, mezcal, lime juice, grapefruit juice, agave, and red wine. Priced at an average of $12 to $14, have fun shouting the order. They have created a unique and fun experience for all the weirdos. There are trivia nights, movie screenings, chainsaw-themed events, and everything spooky for all the horror bar lovers. The best part, you may ask? A portion of their sales goes to women’s non-profit organizations. All the movie buffs should be there at 7 to enjoy the movie with some drinks. They even have plastic spiders and skull-themed decor complimenting the drinks. Blood splatters on the walls around you sure add to the spooky effect. The cocktails change seasonally according to the theme and ingredients available, so make sure you get a taste of what they offer. The customers rave about their excellent service, fun drinks, and an exciting experience.

4. Adrift Bar Denver

Adrift Bar Denver

Adrift is a tiki bar inspired by the Polynesian and Caribbean style. It is an exotic vacation-like getaway experience from your desk job. Their drinks are crafted for those with a strange taste for fresh ingredients, and no mix is too sweet. Tiki Tuesday offers happy hour all day! You can sit on the bar, inside, or on the patio, whatever you choose. Order yourself a ‘jungle bird’ and get black rum, aged rum, martini & Rossi bitter, pineapple, demerara, and lime. Or you might want to sip on ‘hurricane’ or even ‘Saturn.’ You can also get a mystery shot for yourself or a friend to surprise them. Just open the spirit section, and you will find yourself lost in the hundred or so options in front of you. Their food menu also has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available. All that one can think of is from salads to rice bowls to wraps and boards. The bar is lined with bamboo, and even artworks are framed with bamboo sticks. We have lanterns and lamps for lighting, and carved tikis surround you inside and even outside on the patio. The customers love their cocktails, and the service is always top-notch! 

3. Awake Bar Denver

Awake Bar Denver

Welcome to Colorado’s largest selection of nonalcoholic beer, wine, spirits, and elixirs at Awake. It focuses on socializing, minus the drinking part. It aims to normalize and embrace the sober lifestyle. ‘Sobriety fosters genuine connections and relationships, according to the owners. Come here to talk, listen and relax with your drink of choice. The bar is very welcoming, with a neon sign that says’ Together, we wake up.’ You can order some caffeine or drink for yourself, whatever you are in the mood for really. Their shop is also open for you to take a bottle or two with you as you leave. 1% of sales and 10% of profits go to local charities. Other than this, all of their ingredients and sustainably sourced. You could book the place for an event, and everyone will remember the expensive interior and the patio space. The community has supported this initiative as people believe one has to drink alcohol to socialize, but Awake is breaking the norm. You could have a margarita, gin, or tonic and still drive back home! How cool is that! The floor-to-ceiling windows, velvet stools, and live music make the experience very relaxing.

2. Tight End Bar Denver

Tight End Bar Denver

Denver‘s only gay sports bar is a safe space for all. With tv sets and a good sound system, you can gather here to enjoy a good game while choosing your drink from the list. Open all days of the week; they even extend their hours on game days for you all. Would you like vodka, beer, gin, wine, whiskey, rum, tequila, or even something non-alcoholic? The long list in the menu has almost everything covered. It also has a variety of pizza flavors for your company while watching a game. They have bold flavors like Morning wood and Beefcake to snack on. Want a salad on the side? They got it! The owner wanted a more straightforward experience designed for this space. He has created an area where you can relax fuss-free, unlike other gay bars, and chat up to others. They also partner with local gay sports clubs and even offer discounts if you wear your jersey. The place also has drag shows and music sometimes on the weekends. The dance floor is open for those who feel like they are up for it while the football-esqe disco ball reflects onto the space. 

1. Thank Sool Poocha Bar Denver

Thank Sool Poocha Bar Denver

If you are in the mood for a Korean pub experience, walk right in. ThankSool offers alcoholic beverages, a variety of classic Korean dishes, and some chef specials. The music genre is K-pop for a fun vibe at night time. The environment is comfortable and homey, with families all around you. If you want to try some soju or rice wine, both their specialties,  then go ahead and taste them. Or maybe if you’re feeling more daring, you might take a bite of a snail or some cow intestines. No? That’s alright; you can also try rice bowls and kimchi pancakes. They have a variety of soups and stews for a heartier option to try as well. If you want a safer option, try out their crispy chicken wings coated with sauce that creates a beautiful blend of flavors in your mouth the first bite you take.

It is a whole new experience for those who haven’t tasted Korean food and culture. It would be fun to try out with a bunch of friends. Or however many fit in the booth. 


Here you go! A list of all the most unique bars that you could think of in a city. From gay bars to secret locatons and Korean food. There is so much variety that Denver has to offer so go out and give it a try! 

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