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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Cardiff

1. Clwb for Bach Cardiff

Clwb for Bach Cardiff  club is the ultimate hotspot for live music in Cardiff. It has been an integral part of Cardiff’s alternative music scene for two decades. Moreover, this club is spread out over three floors with all-time famous singers jamming out on the stage, and the crowd enjoying down below. In addition, the music played in this club consists of soul, funk, rhythm, and blues. On the other floor rock, classics and indie music are played. Moreover, the club has plain bare walls and wooden floors, topped with colorful artwork and colored strobe lighting. In addition, the club also has a wide variety of drink options to choose from that are not only tasty but also pocket-friendly. Door charge varies from night to night, and entrance is for ages 18 and above.

2. Coyote Ugly Cardiff

Coyote Ugly Cardiff is the wildest club in the city of Cardiff. Activities in this club include dancing on the table and drinking shots until the early hours of the morning. Moreover, this unique club was created based on the movie itself and is the perfect spot for late nights filled with wild entertainment. In addition, the club also has tasty food and drinks options, along with pool and karaoke to create a fun and laid back environment. Moreover, the music playing in this club consists of party mashups, pop, and rock songs. Smoking area is also available. In addition, the food and drinks are also happily affordable. Lastly, the door charge varies from night to night.

3. Fuel Rock Club Cardiff

Fuel Rock Club Cardiff is the perfect place to experience licks, riffs and mosh pit kicks. It is famous for being the only all out rock venue in the city and gives off dive bar and ultimate rock vibes. Moreover, they keep the interior dark and cool overall, with a bone here and there for added measure. In addition, a pool table is also available for those looking to get in a game after a beer or two. Furthermore, Fuel has club nights and heavy metal events on a regular basis, with independent gig nights as well, showcasing the local rock talent, The musical genres that play throughout the club include rock, indie and anything in the rock spectrum.

4. Metros Cardiff 

Metros Cardiff is a club has been the ultimate hotspot for experiencing the best of alternative music for over two decades. In addition, the club hosts various club nights each week and hosts the best DJs in the city, allowing Metros to be the craziest party spots in the city. Moreover, the huge speakers in the club play a variety of genres, consisting of rock, ska, indie and electronic. In addition, the bar in this club offers a number of weekly drink offers, making it a pocket-friendly club. This club is popular amongst students because of this very nature. Moreover, a dance floor is also available so you can dance the nights away. Entrance charges vary from night to night.

5. Popworld Cardiff

Popworld Cardiff night club  is a disco-themed club in Cardiff that provides 2 for 1 cocktail, along with 90s tunes to get you jamming and dancing the night away. Moreover, there is also a LED dance floor that lights up, on which people participate in Macarena dancing as well. In addition, the walls are a bright candy cane-color with neon lights flashing all around. Private booths are also available in case of a more intimate affair. Furthermore, the club also hosts various themed events such as emoji night and beach nights. The music playing in this club ranges from commercial pop, party mash ups and background music to get you grooving. Its location also provides a wide variety of pubs and bars to be near it.

6. Pryzm Cardiff

Pryzm Cardiff  is an infamous nightclub that has 3 bars, 3 club rooms as well as an exclusive VIP lounge. This club is a big hit with students and young professionals. It is an ideal place for celebrating special occasions. Moreover, the club promises to play the music that will appeal to everyone. It consists of party mashups, pop, hip hop, and RnB songs. In addition, the club also has a stylish and fashionable dress code, so dress to impress and let the party take control. A dance floor is also available so get ready to dance the night away. Moreover, door charges may apply upon entrance, and entrance  is limited to people of age 18 and above

7. Tiger Tiger Cardiff

Tiger Tiger Cardiff  is the hub of tropical paradise, consisting of comfortable lounges, retro art and much more, guaranteed to take you on a journey across land and time. Moreover, the club also has a great musical environment, consisting of party mash ups, pop, and house songs. In addition, the club also has a wide variety of cocktails ready to get you in the mood to party. These drinks are also pocket-friendly. Moreover, the club is also open until 3 am for seven nights a week, so the party never has to stop. This club is perfect to go on a date with a significant other because of its cozy red velvet suits and candlelit atmosphere.

8. Soda Cardiff 

Soda Cardiff is one of Cardiff’s most entertaining clubs because of its laid back environment, tasty drinks and much much more. The club also hosts special nights every day, one of which hosts jazz musicians and DJ. Moreover, the club also has renowned DJs that play a variety of genres, that include house, electro, deep, RnB. In addition, the club also hosts a cocktail master class for those willing to learn the art of cocktail making. Furthermore, the club has a secret area known as the ‘The Attic’, which is perfect for more intimate affairs and chilled out songs so you can relax and enjoy the clubbing experience. This place can also be used to hold specific events.

9. Y Plas Cardiff

Y Plas Cardiff is a club is Cardiff University’s resident hang out spot. It is the hotspot for ongoing activities at all hours of the day. Moreover, in the daytime, this spot is perfect to grab a coffee between lectures and enjoy the natural light that floods this space. However, as night time approaches, space transforms itself into the most popular club for partygoers, ranging from club nights to live performances to private parties. bIn addition, the club also hosts famous artists like Bastille and London Grammar as well. Furthermore, the music playing in this club ranges from party mashups to house, hip hop and RnB. The drinks are also quite cheap, making it a bigger hit among students. Lastly, a dance floor is also available to let loose and party the night away.

10. Retro Cardiff

Retro Cardiff

Retro Cardiff is the perfect place for everyone who loves a good throwback. The venue is huge and spread over three separate floors which all have their own bars. The club plays every song that you loved as a kid and you will definitely have a great time there with your friends especially if it’s a reunion. The club has a strict dress code so make sure you are well dressed or you might have a problem getting in the door. They also have an extensive drinks menu so you will for sure enjoy the club and your time there.

11. Pulse Cardiff

Pulse Cardiff

Pulse Cardiff  is an LGBT friendly club in Cardiff which has a very diverse clientele. While on Sundays, the club hosts drag brunches much like many clubs around the world tend to do, on Saturday nights they tend to invite the hottest DJs in the country to come and play at their venue. The food at Pulse is surprisingly amazing and is available all day. The club has a separate bar area where you can unwind with your friends and a separate clubbing area where you can dance your worries away. The club has a semi-formal/chic dressing policy which you should adhere to in order to not face any problems at the door.

12. Walkabout Cardiff

Walkabout Cardiff is a casual Cardiff eatery which transforms into a nightclub as the sunsets. During the week, the club hosts awesome sports nights where fans of games can come and sit back with their cold ones and enjoy. But as the weekend approaches, the club becomes one of the most happening venues in the city. They play a wide array of music which can be enjoyed by many age demographics. The attire for patrons is casual as is the theme of the club and the drinks are pretty cheap hence the venue is popular among college students looking for a fun night out.

13. Story Nightclub Cardiff

Story Nightclub Cardiff

Story Nightclub Cardiff like the name suggests will give you a night to talk about for years to come. The club is happening and claims to be the next chapter in Cardiff’s nightlife scene. The entire club has a story to tell and has a modernistic vibe. The music played at the club depends on the theme night and the DJ as the club has a lot of those. The dress code is chic and the crowd is usually young. The entire vibe of the club is fun and carefree and you could have a roaring good time here. The drinks menu is extensive and well loved by patrons.

14. Kapu Cardiff

Kapu Cardiff

Kapu Cardiff  is an exotic Tiki bar themed dance club. The entire vibe is exotic and like you’re in a tropical heaven. The nightclub wants you to feel like you’re on vacation while you’re on their premises. They are located in Cardiff’s city center. The music is usually hip hop, rnb and top 40 current hits as well as some throwbacks at times. The drinks are themed as well and they have a healthy amount of delicious cocktails on the menu. You can drop in at the club any time but they also offer exclusive parties which can be booked by you and be guest list only.

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