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Salsa music has a sensual beat which very fun to dance to! This is why it makes for a great night out when you go to a Salsa club or any club that has a Salsa themed night. It doesn’t matter if you know Salsa itself or not, you just need to be a good sport. The music is intoxicating and incredibly sensual so it’s great to have a partner with you but even if it’s you and a group of friends, you should be sorted! If you’re looking to have the time of your life at a club where you can groove to some Latin beats then you are in the right place! Keep reading to find out more about Salsa music and dancing in Cardiff!

Partying with your friends and loved ones is a rite of passage. If you’re new in a city or even just looking for a nice club in your own city, a club which matches your expectations for a wonderful night out then you have come to the right place! We have painstakingly shortlisted the 5 best Salsa Clubs in Cardiff for your amazing night out!

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1. Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger is the hub of tropical paradise, consisting of comfortable lounges, retro art and much more, guaranteed to take you on a journey across land and time. Moreover, the club also has a great musical environment, consisting of party mash ups, pop, and house songs. In addition, the club also has a wide variety of cocktails ready to get you in the mood to party. These drinks are also pocket-friendly. Moreover, the club is also open until 3 am for seven nights a week, so the party never has to stop.

2. Kapu

Kapu Cardiff

Kapu is an exotic Tiki bar themed dance club. The entire vibe is exotic and like you’re in a tropical heaven. The nightclub wants you to feel like you’re on vacation while you’re on their premises. They are located in Cardiff’s city center. The music is usually hip hop, rnb and top 40 current hits as well as some throwbacks at times. The drinks are themed as well and they have a healthy amount of delicious cocktails on the menu. You can drop in at the club any time but they also offer exclusive parties which can be booked by you and be guest list only.

3. Retro

Retro Cardiff

Retro in Cardiff is the perfect place for everyone who loves a good throwback. The venue is huge and spread over three separate floors which all have their own bars. The club plays every song that you loved as a kid and you will definitely have a great time there with your friends especially if it’s a reunion. The club has a strict dress code so make sure you are well dressed or you might have a problem getting in the door. They also have an extensive drinks menu so you will for sure enjoy the club and your time there.

4. Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly is the wildest club in the city of Cardiff. Activities in this club include dancing on the table and drinking shots until the early hours of the morning. Moreover, this unique club was created based on the movie itself and is the perfect spot for late nights filled with wild entertainment. In addition, the club also has tasty food and drinks options, along with pool and karaoke to create a fun and laid back environment.

5. Popworld

Drama Club exudes sophistication, class and glamour. It is designed to provide an ultimate experience to party lovers who want to spend the night in style. Once inside, expect the unexpected, the unlimited fun and the unpredictable drama that it brings until wee hours of the next morning. Celebrities Ashley James and Lindsay Lohan are two famous personalities who visited the place.

In Conclusion

You might be surprised at the burgeoning Latin music and Salsa club scene in Cardiff but you won’t be disappointed by one of our suggestions!

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