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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Leicester

1. Club Republic Leicester

Club Republic Leicester is easily the type of club you can find yourself getting lost in. From interesting art to entertaining environment, and good music to get you dancing, this club has it all. Moreover, the drinks served in this club are also cheap, starting from £1. In addition, the club also hosts DJs that play the best tunes and get you to dance the night away. Music includes genres ranging from party mash-ups to house beats, RnB as well as chart-topper songs. Furthermore, the club also hosts various live musical acts, such as Tinie Tempah and many more talented artists. The entrance fee varies from night to night, and the dress code is limited to smart clothes.

2. The Fan Club Leicester

The Fan Club Leicester is a large nightclub that can host almost 1000 people. Moreover, the club has three floors, and all the genres you can think of, including party mash-ups, playing in the back. This club is Leicester’s hotspot every weekend because it is the perfect place to dance the night away. In addition to the electric vibe of the club, this is also the best place to mingle, meet new friends or even make new memories with old friends on a night out. The entrance fee varies from night to night, but the drinks are cheap and many. In addition, there is no specific dress code. Age limit drop off for entrance is 18.

3. Venom Nightclub Leicester

Venom Nightclub Leicester is one of the finest clubs in town. The club is defined by its dim lighting, neon hues, and rotating entertainment. Venom is situated right in the heart of the city center, which is only a few minutes away from St Margaret’s bus station. This newly opened nightclub boasts of a high-energy nightlife, the kind you don’t want to be missing out on. It also has a colossal cutting-edge light show on display each night that challenges all your senses. The club has exclusive booths hire with a hostess service available. There are multiple rooms for everybody’s taste, playing a variety of music from charts to hip-hop to house. Venom is determined to offer a lounge and club experience that is unlike anything else in the town. The result is the kind of all-in-one experience you’ll be talking about for years to come.

4. Club Helsinki Leicester 

Club Helsinki Leicester

Club Helsinki Leicester is a thriving gay and LGBT-friendly nightclub in Leicester. DJ Rob Lambeth is the resident DJ, making sure to entertain you with the perfect mixture of house, dance, and hip hop tunes. Great drinks deals will have you and your mates buzzing all night, with six shot cocktail buckets for just £10. Another ‘Quids In’ deal applies on Mondays and Wednesdays on selected drinks, with treats such as a pint of Fosters for £2.50, double house spirit and mixer £2.50 and a jager bomb for £2.00. To top it all off, the club often has featured live music nights which keep the party super lively.

5. Havana Nightclub Leicester

Havana Nightclub Leicester

Havana Nightclub Leicester  is a nightclub longest running RnB and house music venue. This nightclub pioneered the concept of underground clubbing and has remained at the forefront; committed to innovation with a passionate and eclectic music policy. Havana is a lively, upbeat venue that is popular with a fun, chic and energetic crowd. It has comfortable seating areas, stylish, modern décor and an unparalleled sound and lighting system. The focus always seems to be on fantastic music, great DJs and an electric atmosphere. There are few venues that can match its originality and zest, coupled with a long heritage and the experience of being under the same ownership for nearly 38 years.

6. Mosh Leicester

Mosh Leicester

Mosh Leicester is hosts four great nights of amazing alternative and commercial music each week. Mosh believes in diversity, spirit, and freedom of expression, hence it offers all genres of music. That too, across three awesome floors where people can enjoy a safe, judgment-free clubbing zone. Mosh has some of the best rock nights, indie-themed parties, and student deals in the city. From jam-packed dance floors with strobe lighting, to industrial nooks, cool spaces and a multitude of bars, Mosh is the premium location for roaring weekends in Leicester.

7. The Basement Leicester

The Basement Leicester is named aptly considering the club’s chill, low-key, basement vibe. A lively venue, this club stays open late on most days throughout the week all just to host the best party nights in Leicester. There are guest DJs every night, all of whom bring dope playlists to the table, the likes of which range from hip hop, jazz, soul, funk and RnB. With classic cocktails only for £5.75, this is also a fairly affordable place. Moreover, The Basement is also available to be hired privately for your own independent birthday galas or parties. Either way, the venue is sure to offer you a great night with the latest, bopping music tunes.

8. The Shed Leicester 

The Shed Leicester is an iconic music venue. Established in 1994, many great acts and plays have been performed here. But the best part is the range of underground music played here, with many different genres on the playlist to dance and drink to. Moreover, there are several live bands each night playing diverse genres. The Shed usually has something different going on every night. The venue stays open 6 days a week and even if there’s no event, the bar remains open. The super-fast Wi-Fi is just another one of the perks that this club offers.

9. Waikiki Nightclub Leicester

Waikiki Nightclub Leicester is undeniably one of the hottest clubs in Leicester, with the kind of nightlife that you forget about the next morning. There’s a reason that lines of people wait outside this club desperate to get in between the hours of 12 am and 4 am. The inside of the club has an electric futuristic vibe to it, accompanied by a cool RnB and hip hop infused playlist, fancy cocktails and drinks, and speed bars. This is the place to indulge all your senses and set yourself free like there’s no tomorrow. A new culture is being created – visual art, taste, touch, technology and fashion all thrown in the Waikiki mix equals one hell of nightclub experience!

10. Boxed Bar & Music Venue Leicester

Boxed Bar & Music Venue Leicester is a unique venue based inside Braunstone Gate. The venue caters for crowds of 100-400 across two floors with sleek modern décor around the bar which compliments the warehouse style dance floor. There are also a number of stylish seating booths with various tables and stools. The venue features state-of-the-art lighting, a high-end sound system and a DJ booth with club standard equipment in place. Specifically focusing on creating a hot nightclub atmosphere, Boxed is the place where you forget everything except the music and the drinks. You can also host birthday parties and private events at this venue. And of course, there’s free WiFi too.

11. The Fat Cat Cafe Bar Leicester

The Fat Cat Cafe Bar Leicester is one of the leading venues in the city for premium booth packages and unique cocktails. A contemporary cafe/bar in leather and plush velvet, it is usually open late for cocktails and DJ nights. It typically has all new weekend line-ups with guest DJs always on rotation! Plus, the entry is free all night, every night! Happy hour is usually from 5-10 every day with 2-for-1 cocktails, selected pints from £2.45 and bottles of wine from £9.95. The reviews of this place are raving and the people that the venue attracts are friendly and ready to mingle, so what are you waiting for?

12. Sumo Leicester

Sumo Leicester

Sumo Leicester is the only club in Leicester with three floors and an outside bar of its own. Whether you want to mix it up on the dance floor to some rhythm and blues or have a fun salsa dancing night, Sumo offers the most diversity in its club nights and crowds. There are also regular live bands and DJs that liven up the club every week, and the spacious venue allows a lot of room to enjoy the events. Meanwhile, the drinks offered including Mojitos and Pina Colodas are no less fancy and will keep you coming back for more.

13. Natterjacks Bar & Kitchen Leicester

Natterjacks Bar & Kitchen Leicester

Natterjacks Bar & Kitchen Leicester is a cozy and warm restaurant by the day, it also has a pretty adequate cocktail bar that helps it to light up like a club during the nightly hours. At the heart of Leicester, this venue has regular live DJ nights every weekend, which consists of multiple different genres on the playlists. Serving delicious food and drinks, and greeting you with a lively atmosphere, this club is perfect for a night out with your friends. The place even has a pool table! Moreover, it caters to all of its customers’ needs from coffee to cocktails and anything in between. What more could we ask for?

14. Revolution Leicester

Revolution Leicester

Revolution Leicester club is the city’s busiest and best-loved cocktail bar and restaurant, serving up premium drinks and incredible food. It is an individually styled chain bar with a global menu of comfort-food classics and nightly happy hours. Located in the heart of the city, just a few minutes’ walk from Leicester Station, the bar is the perfect combination of modern style with added flair. Featuring a stunning high ceilings, impressive mezzanine floor and trendy exposed brick interior, you won’t find a better-looking venue in Leicester! It’s perfect for day, night and party, or to grab a quick business lunch or relax and dine with friends.

15. Dover Castle Leicester

Dover Castle Leicester

Dover Castle Leicester claims to be one of UK’s oldest gay venues. This bar and club is LGBT-friendly and open to all sorts of crowds. Weekly, they have something different going on including regular cabaret nights, karaoke, games, and open mic nights. There’s also a DJ night on Saturday that allows for a club-like dancing and drinking atmosphere. It’s a very casual and relaxed environment, with room for a lot of fun activities. According to reviews, the staff is always friendly and the entertainment is great! It’s almost as if The Dover Castle is as diverse in its party activities as it is in its people.

16. R Bar Leicester

R Bar Leicester isn’t just an ordinary gay club; it also hosts one of the hottest day and night parties out there. The venue has two floors and also a spacious, intimate garden where you can chill out with your friends. The environment is friendly and open to diverse crowds. The dress code is chic elegant and usually, people dress to impress. Here you will find the sort of people you want to meet and party every weekend with! So bring your A-Game because it’s time to have some fun!

17. Rainbow & Dove Leicester

Rainbow & Dove Leicester

Rainbow & Dove Leicester is a gem when it comes to gay and LGBT clubs. Hidden away behind Granby Street, this venue is a cool stylish bar with a great atmosphere for club nights. The friendly staff makes customers feel right at home but there’s nothing too cozy here because it gets hot and heavy as the night goes on. The dance floor allows ample space to let yourself loose with your gay friends. Moreover, this place also has a fairly great range of drinks with pints, cocktails, and vodka promotion deals. And of course, everybody is more than welcome here. A judgment-free zone, The Rainbow and Dove warmly welcomes all kinds of people.

18. Streetlife Leicester

Streetlife leicester

Streetlife Leicester as the name suggests, is the ultimate destination for that fast and electric nightlife you’ve been looking for. The clubbing starts when darkness falls, and goes on till the sun rises. Extra welcoming to the gay community, this venue has two floors that are open to everyone. For the past 20 years, people have come to Streetlife to party as the name has always been popular. The venue was re-branded since then and gone through a couple of new changes, but has still kept many of its original rustic features which give it an edge. Moreover, this venue has played a big part in gay pride events within Leicester. It has one of the best lighting set-ups in the entire city perfect for a clubbing environment, and is renowned for all its good vibes.

19. Stage Club Leicester

Stage Club Leicester

Stage Club Leicester is one of the most lit and underrated club spots in the town. There is no comparison to the sexy, electric, neon lighting in this venue coupled with DJs as hot as N!kan, who integrate EDM and Techno into the club’s playlists every night. The environment is lowly lit up and has a dark-esque vibe to it, which happens to be perfect for clubbing. All drinks are only £2 before midnight. If you’re looking for a night out of dancing and drinking till sunrise, Stage Club is the place to be at. It’s one of the top nightlife spots in Leicester.

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