Salsa Clubs in Leicester

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When it comes to dancing, salsa is the classical definition of elegance and fun with just a touch of spice. The origins of Salsa date back to the 1960s, when the New York Puerto Ricans came up with this unique genre strongly influenced by the the Afro-Cuban son, African American jazz, and Puerto Rican musical traditions. Occasionally, Salsa also incorporates elements of R&B, and funk. Moreover, it can be recognized by its rhythm, which is based on the Latin beat called the ‘clave’. But the history aside, Salsa is also undeniably one of the most fun music genres to move your body to, especially when the temperature is just right and your body chemistry ends up synchronizing perfectly to that dance partner of yours. It’s all about getting the vibe. And Leicester has several clubs that have regular Salsa themed nights that have got you covered!

Planning to go out clubbing for the night but confused about where to go? This is our ultimate rundown and review of the best Salsa clubs in Leicester, categorized based on factors such as popularity, cost, location, dress code, and more! Now all you have to do is pick one.

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1. Sumo

Sumo Leicester

Sumo is the only club in Leicester with three floors and an outside bar of its own. Whether you want to mix it up on the dance floor to some rhythm and blues or have a fun salsa dancing night, Sumo offers the most diversity in its club nights and crowds. There are also regular live bands and DJs that liven up the club every week, and the spacious venue allows a lot of room to enjoy the events. Meanwhile, the drinks offered including Mojitos and Pina Colodas are no less fancy and will keep you coming back for more.

2. The Fat Cat Café Bar

Established in 1992, The Fat Cat Café Bar Leicester is one of the leading venues in the city for premium booth packages and unique cocktails. A contemporary cafe/bar in leather and plush velvet, it is usually open late for cocktails and DJ nights. It typically has all new weekend line-ups with guest DJs always on rotation! Plus, the entry is free all night, every night! Happy hour is usually from 5-10 every day with 2-for-1 cocktails, selected pints from £2.45 and bottles of wine from £9.95. The reviews of this place are raving and the people that the venue attracts are friendly and ready to mingle, so what are you waiting for?

3. Natterjacks Bar & Kitchen

Natterjacks Bar & Kitchen Leicester

Even though Natterjacks Bar & Kitchen is a cozy and warm restaurant by the day, it also has a pretty adequate cocktail bar that helps it to light up like a club during the nightly hours. At the heart of Leicester, this venue has regular live DJ nights every weekend, which consists of multiple different genres on the playlists. Serving delicious food and drinks, and greeting you with a lively atmosphere, this club is perfect for a night out with your friends. The place even has a pool table! Moreover, it caters to all of its customers’ needs from coffee to cocktails and anything in between. What more could we ask for?

4. Havana Nightclub

Havana Nightclub Leicester

Havana is Leicester’s longest running RnB and house music venue. This nightclub pioneered the concept of underground clubbing and has remained at the forefront; committed to innovation with a passionate and eclectic music policy. Havana is a lively, upbeat venue that is popular with a fun, chic and energetic crowd. It has comfortable seating areas, stylish, modern décor and an unparalleled sound and lighting system. The focus always seems to be on fantastic music, great DJs and an electric atmosphere. There are few venues that can match its originality and zest, coupled with a long heritage and the experience of being under the same ownership for nearly 38 years.

5. Revolution

Revolution Leicester is the city’s busiest and best-loved cocktail bar and restaurant, serving up premium drinks and incredible food. It is an individually styled chain bar with a global menu of comfort-food classics and nightly happy hours. Located in the heart of the city, just a few minutes’ walk from Leicester Station, the bar is the perfect combination of modern style with added flair. Featuring a stunning high ceilings, impressive mezzanine floor and trendy exposed brick interior, you won’t find a better-looking venue in Leicester! It’s perfect for day, night and party, or to grab a quick business lunch or relax and dine with friends.

In Conclusion

We all need a bit more Salsa in our lives. We have narrowed down the best Salsa clubs in Leicester for you, and these venues have just the right amount of funk and hip to them. Let’s go salsa dancing, baby!