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Raspoutine Paris, Guide & Review

In the very famous centre of the Golden Triangle of Paris, lies Raspoutine Club. Designed by an artist, Raspoutine Club has a mysterious and mystic appeal to it from head to toe. The most exquisite venue for cabarets in Paris, Raspoutine Club finds its walls lined with velvet, fur, and luxury. Looking like no less than a palace, Raspoutine Club has a glamorous appeal to it which brings party lovers from far and wide to visit this very famous spot in the magical city of Paris.

A complete Russian themed night club, Raspoutine Club, Paris, exudes sophistication from all angles. However, once the clock turns 11.30 pm, a tinge of Western influence begins to show light in this Russian cabaret night club. The four walls of Raspoutine Club start booming with club hits which are bound to keep the party animals on their feet all night long.

Being such an exclusive club has its perks; Raspoutine Club is frequented by some of the most popular artists, DJ’s and celebrities from all over the world. However, this super exclusive accent of the club also means that getting into the club is not everyone’s cup of tea (of glass of whiskey!). The door policy is extremely strict, and the security can be very selective.

This is the ultimate guide to Raspoutine Club, Paris, and it will tell you everything you need to know about this ultra famous, chic night club in Paris. From how you can get there, to the dress code guidelines, booking your VIP Tables, and much more. Make sure you go through the guide well so you can avoid any hassles that could prevent you from gaining entry into this amazing club.

Dress Code & Age Requirement

The theme of Raspoutine Club, much like the famous Russian lover it is named after, is complete in red and velvet. Extravagance is the middle name for Raspoutine Club. The minimum age requirement for Raspoutine Club is 18 years of age. However, upon entering this night club, you will find that most of the crowds are older, more elegant and sophisticated crowds; both local and international.

As for the dress code for Raspoutine Club, you definitely cannot expect jeans and T shirt to be the perfect match with the ambience of this club. With as luxurious of a dress code policy as everything else about this club, Raspoutine Club has a dress code of strictly formal and classy. If you were to adorn your favourite tux and attend a late night party at this club, well, you definitely would not feel out of place.

For the men, the dress code states fancy, collared shirts, monogrammed shirts to add a little light to their vibe, and fancy trousers or jeans, complete with formal shoes. Their lady companions can be seen adorned in the most precious looking Little Black Dresses and high heels.

Keep in mind that the dress code policy is taken very seriously at this club. If you are not dressed for the part, there is a high chance that you will simply be sent back. Honestly, it is completely justified; taking into account just how elegant and extravagant this club is.

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