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Rebel Toronto, Guide & Review

Staying true to its name, Rebel nightclub is trying to disrupt and set a new standard for Toronto’s nightlife. The club stretches over 45,000 square feet with a stage that measures 65 feet. The design of the club is striking, to say the least. The immersive lights and sounds make the club come alive like none other. There are also interactive performances, video productions, storytelling and theatrical lighting; all of these provide the guests with something unique and exciting. So dress with style and be prepared to have the time of your life every Saturday, with top 40, R&B, hip hop, soca and live music in the background.


Rebel Toronto Dress Code Guide

If you do club hopping on a regular basis, then you must be knowing that most nightclubs have a dress code policy. But do you know why a nightclub has a dress code policy? It’s because a dress code policy tells a lot about a nightclub. It helps to understand what kind of crowd is entertained in the nightclub. Those who maintain a strict dress code policy, it implies that they want to maintain a high-profile standard. Thus they charge a bit more for drinks and bottle service.

Rebel is one of the elite nightclubs in Toronto and maintains a strict dress code policy for the aforementioned reasons. Let us know a bit more about the dress code of this nightclub in Toronto.

Rebel Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code is a sexy cocktail dress with a stiletto. A black cocktail dress is always in fashion and a red stiletto never goes out of fashion.

Another type of popular dress code is a cropped top and skirt. A white top with a black skirt is a classic combination.

Sandals and flip flops are not allowed here. So avoid them by all possible means.

Few items that are prohibited here

  •  Marijuana
  •  Water bottles
  • Pouches
  •  Man bags
  •  Arms

Rebel Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

The dress code policy of the Rebel is upscale and trendy. The typical dress code is collared shirt, jeans, and dress shoes. Dress pants are equally appreciated.

Sports attire is completely prohibited here. This includes jersey, baseball caps, track pants, joggers, shorts, etc.

Backpack, bags, and satchels are prohibited here. Even pouches and fanny packs are not allowed here.

Other dress code guidelines for both men and women 

Baggy clothes are prohibited for both men and women. Be it jeans or shirts, they should be of proper size. When you choose a dress, ensure that it fits you properly.

Vulgar clothes are not allowed here. Beachwear is also prohibited. This includes monokini, bikinis, shorts, etc.

White t-shirts with logos or quotes are not entertained by the nightclub authority. If you’re wearing a white t-shirt, then make sure it doesn’t contain any logo that hurts the sentiments of any community. Don’t opt for any gang color also if possible.

Our Suggestions

Coat check is available here. But the nightclub charges a fee for it. For the loss of items or damage, the nightclub will pay maximum $250.

The nightclub management has the ultimate power to make the final decision. If you really want to enter the nightclub, take 2 steps:

• Follow the dress code of rebel
• Have a friendly chit-chat with the doorman

Don’t carry a DSLR camera, video cameras, or laptops. They are prohibited items. Even iPads are not allowed here unless you have proper press identity cards. Rebel nightclub management won’t take any responsibility for these items so if you do have these items, keep them in the cab. It is better to take precaution rather than losing all these precious items.

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